Secure Logiq and VCA Optimise Offering from Global Hardware Partnership

The global hardware partnership between Secure Logiq and VCA Technology has yielded its first results. Following a period of intensive testing, the manufacturers have fine-tuned their solutions to determine the best combinations of software and hardware from the two brands that will set new standards in the industry.

Secure Logiq and VCA formed theirstrategic partnership towards the end of 2022. This led to the manufacturer of servers designed for the HD CCTV industry becoming the global hardware partner for the security and business intelligence software manufacturer.

“We’ve developed a great relationship with VCA after working with them for a long time so we know how powerful their analytics solutions are,” says Secure Logiq’s Robin Hughes.

“Our R&D teams have been working together to find the optimum solutions to deliver best-in-class results to our shared customers at a price-point that is hard to match.”

“This partnership has always been about overcoming the lack of customer knowledge about hardware options,” adds VCA’s Kevin Waterhouse.

“The work we have done together takes away a lot of those customer questions. We can now offer specific solutions based on the needs of our clients safe in the knowledge that our combined R&D teams have worked together to ensure the optimum performance is achieved.”

VCA squeeze a large amount of analytics into a very low CPU usage

VCA takes pride in its ability to squeeze a large amount of analytics into a very low amount of CPU usage–an attribute that has come from the on-camera analytics side of its business. This means that the new combined offerings are able to host a variety of VCA applications on one Secure Logiq server, not just security. With VCA analytics covering a variety of sectors, from traffic management to retail with elements including forensic searches and heat mapping, the combined solution will be attractive to a variety of organisations.


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