Invixium Showcases Industry Leading Facial Recognition Solutions at Expo Seguridad 2023

Advanced Biometric Solutions Available Fulfill Both the Most Demanding and Mainstream Access Control and Workforce Management Applications

Invixium, is showcasing their portfolio of industry leading biometric access control and workforce management solutions here at EXPO Seguridad 2023 in Palacio de la Canal 7 meeting room.

Featured solutions include Invixium’s flagship IXM TITAN multimodal, multifactor authentication reader, and the competitively priced IXM TFACE biometric solution for mainstream applications.

“Invixium’s biometric solutions are purposefully designed to solve real-world access control and workforce management related problems,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President at Invixium.

“We are delighted to be demonstrating the accuracy and performance of our diverse product portfolio here at Expo Seguridad, further increasing our presence in this important region.”

Invixium’s flagship solution, IXM TITAN, delivers the highest levels of biometric accuracy and performance available. TITAN employs multi-factor authentication using any combination of face recognition, finger vein, and fingerprint biometrics, as well as mobile credentials including digital cards, dynamic QR codes, and traditional credentials such as cards and PIN entry.

When using touchless credentials, TITAN delivers unmatched authentication speed with a throughput of 15-18 users per minute and a 1:N face recognition capacity of 100,000 individuals, helping reduce crowding and enhancing user convenience.

Additional features include mask detection, temperature screening, a user friendly 5” LCD touchscreen, and voice commands to further minimize physical contact points. TITAN’s rugged construction, modern design, and powerful processing technology is intentionally built to future-proof user access and workforce management systems for years to come.

IXM TFACE biometric solution

Invixium is also demonstrating its competitively priced IXM TFACE biometric solution here at Expo Seguridad 2023. TFACE provides high security, convenience, and functionality of face recognition and fingerprint authentication with mobile credentials at an affordable price point.

Designed for enterprise applications, TFACE accommodates up to 25,000 users for 1:N face recognition with the ability to authenticate in less than 1 second. TFACE also includes numerous desirable features including high-speed touchless face recognition and mask detection, mobile credentials, a 2.4” LCD touchscreen, customizable LEDs for panel feedback, liveness detection for anti-spoofing, two-way audio for intercom communications, and more.

Invixium facial recognition solutions are seamlessly compatible with the company’s software, IXM WEB, which includes integrations with industry leading PACS solutions. IXM WEB is an enterprise-grade, all-in-one solution for easy device and user management that features intuitive workflows and data-driven dashboards.

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Invixium designs and manufactures modern biometric solutions that leverage the latest technologies to provide businesses with a unified end-to-end solution for access control, workforce management and health screening at entrances. visit

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