Detroit May Force Businesses To Share Surveillance

Detroit police and city officials are drafting an ordinance that would make it mandatory for all venues that serve customers after 10 p.m. to join Project Green Light, a program that allows officers to monitor businesses’ high-definition video feeds in real time. All businesses open that late —from party stores and gas stations to sports stadiums like Comerica Park and venues like the Fox Theatre— would be subject to the ordinance if it’s passed, police said. Police report double-digit reductions in violent crime at businesses that have enrolled in Project Green Light.

N.J. Bill Would Ease Cops’ Access to Private Videos

A New Jersey bill designed to make it easier for law enforcement to use private, outdoor video cameras in investigations was approved earlier this week by an Assembly panel. The legislation would let municipalities, through an ordinance, establish a registry that would allow any owner of a private outdoor video surveillance camera to voluntarily register the camera with the local police department.

Brockton MA Bars Upgrade Surveillance

As of Saturday, if you walked or drove past a bar in Brockton, MA, there is a good chance you were being watched. As of Saturday, all Brockton restaurants, bars, and clubs that serve alcohol after midnight were required by the city to have a video surveillance system installed. The License Commission approved Mayor Bill Carpenter’s proposal in July. The initiative is aimed at helping combat violent crime in the city.