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Police Register CCTV Locations in Brisbane for Crime Prevention Database

Cleveland police – outside of Brisbane, Australia, have called for residents and businesses with security cameras installed to get in touch and help prevent crime. Officers have established a registry database cataloging the location of cameras at private dwellings, offices, and retailers across the city. If a crime happens near one of the cameras, police will ask the device’s owner for the footage around the time of the offence to see if it yields any evidence.

City Police Trying to Expand Eyes on Streets With New Program

City police are trying to expand their eyes on the streets. They’ve started a new program encouraging business owners and homeowners to register their surveillance cameras with the city. That way if a crime is committed in the area, police will know who might have potential evidence.

ADT Unveils New Cloud Storage Solutions, Expands Video Surveillance Capabilities

The ADT Corporation ( ADT ), an electronic security provider, expanded its video surveillance portfolio by launching new cloud storage solutions, targeting the requirements of small business owners in the U.S. The extended video offerings will aid clients in keeping a tab on their most critical assets, with the flexibility to store video footage on-premise […]

Public Asked to Register Video Security Systems With Police In Darien IL

Darien, IL, Police Chief Ernest Brown is urging homeowners, property managers, and businesses to register their private security cameras with police as a means to deter and help solve local crime. “Recently, there was an attempt by an unknown motorist to lure a young nine-year-old to a vehicle with an offer of candy,” Chief Brown […]