Police Register CCTV Locations in Brisbane for Crime Prevention Database

Police map CCTV locations in Cleveland for crime prevention database

Cleveland police – outside of Brisbane, Australia, have called for residents and businesses with security cameras installed to get in touch and help prevent crime.

Officers have established a registry database cataloging the location of cameras at private dwellings, offices, and retailers across the city.

If a crime happens near one of the cameras, police will ask the device’s owner for the footage around the time of the offence to see if it yields any evidence.

The Cleveland police division is believed to be the first in the state to employ the practice, starting earlier this year with many residents, mostly from Raby Bay, coming onboard.

Officer-in-charge of Cleveland Police Station, Acting Senior Sergeant Ian Gillard said all residents or business owners would be asked to do is call the station or Policelink, give their name, address, phone number, and details of where the camera is located.

But he stressed police could not access the cameras remotely and would only request the footage relevant to an investigation.

“The data base is only used to expedite the investigative process by allowing police to quickly identify where cameras are located,” he said. “Police are not requesting remote access to any CCTV systems but rather the opportunity to view footage cameras have recorded that may assist with investigations they are conducting.”

CCTV footage has long been used at gas stations and other businesses to help identify offenders.

The renewed push for information about CCTV locations comes after a statewide appeal for owners […]

Source: redlandcitybulletin.com.au