Crime prevention

ASIS Announces Expansive Education Program for GSX 2019

ASIS International announced their education lineup for Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2019. The session lineup addresses a wide variety of topics vital to today’s security professional, delivered in immersive formats like small group workshops, simulations, deep dives, and more. The tracks range from Business Continuity, Managing Organizations, and Enterprise Security Risk Management to Crime Prevention, National Security, and Digital Transformation and beyond.

Police Register CCTV Locations in Brisbane for Crime Prevention Database

Cleveland police – outside of Brisbane, Australia, have called for residents and businesses with security cameras installed to get in touch and help prevent crime. Officers have established a registry database cataloging the location of cameras at private dwellings, offices, and retailers across the city. If a crime happens near one of the cameras, police will ask the device’s owner for the footage around the time of the offence to see if it yields any evidence.

Start-Up Guardian 8 Introduces Security Technology to Reduce and Document Conflict; Wins School Safety Award

Guardian 8 Corporation’s CEO Steve Cochennet accepted the prestigious 2014 Campus Safety BEST Award for the Pro V2 and outlined goals in reducing conflict through enhanced non-lethal (ENL) deescalation and incident recording.

Brentwood, CA’s First Video Surveillance Neighborhood Deters Major Crime

Despite a strong Neighborhood Watch Program and regular police patrols, Mike Hinchcliff’s upscale Brentwood neighborhood was still experiencing a handful of major crimes annually. So, he banded together with fellow neighbors to add a third element of crime prevention. After installing a neighborhood video surveillance system in spring 2013, the Sterling Preserve subdivision at the […]

Police Getting Real-Time Access To Private Security Cameras In Downtown Grand Rapids, MI

Downtown Grand Rapids, MI, businesses are giving area law enforcement agencies greater access to private video surveillance feeds under a new push to increase real-time monitoring capabilities. Jack Stewart, Kent County emergency management coordinator, said the Grand Rapids Police and Kent County Sheriff’s departments are increasing access to the downtown surveillance apparatus under a new […]

Big Companies Neglect Physical Security And Over-Rely On Surveillance

CCTV was first launched in 1942, when Siemens AG installed a system to observe the launch of V-2 rockets (the world’s first long-range missile), although the first commercial closed circuit television system became available in the US in 1949. Since its original roll-out, the technology has advanced and in 2013, The British Security Industry Authority […]

LILIN IP Solution Makes Banqiao Train Station In Taipei Safer

Based upon the current statistics, roughly 80% of the criminal acts at shopping centers and business offices occur in the parking lot; therefore, Banqiao train station, founded in 1901 in Banqiao, New Taipei City, Taiwan, recently took the necessary measure and upgraded its 3-story indoor parking facility’s video surveillance system to an IP based video […]

Oakland Neighbors Increasingly Use Surveillance Cameras For Security

Will Kane The motion-activated surveillance camera outside Jesper Jurcenoks’ home in the Oakland hills takes some 12,000 pictures a day. Every car, motorcycle, delivery truck, police car, bicyclist, pedestrian and deer that enters his isolated street off Skyline Boulevard gets photographed. Four times a second. Day and night. When they arrive and when they leave, time-stamped and stored on a server for 60 days. The two cameras, one at each entrance of Jurcenoks’ looping street, form a virtual wall around the neighborhood, he said. For years, Oakland residents have built fences or installed security cameras on their homes because they were fed up with burglaries and auto break-ins. Some neighborhoods hired private security guards to patrol their streets. Now they’re becoming more aggressive in their efforts to fight back. In growing numbers, residents are forming neighborhood groups and spending thousands of dollars on cameras that can monitor the perimeter of entire blocks. They don’t merely want to protect their homes. They want to catch anyone intent on criminal behavior. “We will not a let a criminal enter or leave our neighborhood undetected,” Jurcenoks said. “We’re not saying we can stop the crime. We want to make sure we have a photograph.” Trying to avoid  abuse Seven areas across the city have signed up for a neighborhood-wide surveillance system, and dozens more are interested, said Jurcenoks, the founder of  Neighborhood Guard , a nonprofit that helps owners set up and install such systems. He installed his neighborhood’s system in 2012, costing the neighborhood association $2,000 for each […]

Lincoln Police: Downtown Security Cameras To Be Turned On

Home / Headlines List / Article Lincoln, Neb.– Lincoln Police say they’re turning on security cameras in downtown in an effort to curb crime in the area. The cameras were installed at 14th & O Streets in November 2012, but haven’t been turned on until now. According to Lincoln Police Chief Jim Peschong, in one year the city sees over 4,000 reported assaults, 146 of those happened at that intersection. That’s more than any other part of the city and now the intersection is at its highest level of crime, according to Peschong. He hopes the cameras will help catch people causing trouble, but some wonder if they will keep the mischief away or just customers in general. Some downtown business owners told city leaders in July that they’re worried that new security cameras may scare customers away. “It is another tool to portray 14th & O Street inaccurate,” said Scott Hatfield, who has owned Duffy’s Tavern for six years. Officials say in addition to helping the police department identify those involved in a crime, police say the footage can serve as evidence in court. Comments are posted from viewers like you and do not always reflect the views of this station. powered by Disqus

Danish City Prevents Vandalism And Violence

The city of Alleroed, in a suburb north of Copenhagen in Denmark, aims to stop vandals and violent individuals before crime is committed. A key tool for the municipality is XProtect® IP video surveillance software from Milestone Systems. Mobile access means faster response and proactive intervention before situations can escalate. The staff at a daycare […]