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Barrier-Free Parking With ANPR Technology: A Real Option?

Many cities globally continue to become more congested, driving increased investment into off-street parking facilities. In recent years, automated number plate recognition (ANPR) [aka LPR] cameras and software have started to be used as part of the overall solution which also includes barriers, payment machines, and loop detectors. The main use of ANPR equipment is to alleviate issues related to ticket payments, where a license plate can be looked up in the system to verify entry times, or for security purposes.

Lawsuit Blames San Diego Mall in Shooting Deaths of 3 in Its Parking Lot

A San Diego shopping mall was negligent in not providing better security measures that might have prevented the Christmas Eve shooting deaths of three persons in its parking lot, a lawsuit asserts.

Filed by attorney Daniel Gilleon in San Diego County Superior Court, the lawsuit says that the mall’s owner, Westfield Centers, “failed to use reasonable care to protect their patrons, guests, tenants and invitees.”

CaughtOnCamera: Dashcam Shows Parking Lot Crash Scam

A Hamilton (Canada) area man’s dashcam may have saved him a pricey car insurance payout – and maybe even from falling victim to an insurance scam, an industry expert says. While he can’t know for sure, Craig Schneider says he feels like he narrowly avoided being taken advantage of and now wants people to know […]

LILIN IP Solution Makes Banqiao Train Station In Taipei Safer

Based upon the current statistics, roughly 80% of the criminal acts at shopping centers and business offices occur in the parking lot; therefore, Banqiao train station, founded in 1901 in Banqiao, New Taipei City, Taiwan, recently took the necessary measure and upgraded its 3-story indoor parking facility’s video surveillance system to an IP based video […]

CaughtOnCamera: Mystery Driver’s Reverse Into Two Vehicles In Car Park

We’ve all been there – having to very carefully edge out of a busy car park without bumping into any other vehicles. Sadly for this motorist, they got their reverse manoeuvre completely wrong by losing control and smashing into two parked cars. The dozy driver tentatively edges out of a parking space, before unexpectedly stamping on the accelerator and shooting backwards while turning 180 degrees. The silver hatchback smashes into the back of two cars, sending one hurtling forwards, as it spins into a corner. The errant vehicle may even have smashed into a third car off camera before coming to a stop. Security cameras captured the drama at Olton railway station near Solihull, West Mids, on Friday, September 27. Amazingly, the driver sits at a standstill after the smash for around a minute, before slowly driving out of the car park as if nothing happened. [Britain’s distracted drivers: Motorists caught on camera putting make-up on, writing on pads and even brushing their TEETH] Investigating officer Pc Ali Jama, said: ‘We are now two months on from this incident taking place shortly after 1.20pm on Friday, 27 September. ‘Despite extensive inquiries, officers have yet to trace the driver of the silver Ford Escort which collided with three parked cars before the driver left the scene. The driver’s manoeuvre begins to go wrong as the veer towards parked cars. (SWNS) The driver’s manoeuvre begins to go wrong as the veer towards parked cars. (SWNS) The careless motorist shunts a parked […]

Oncam Grandeye 360-Degree Technology Chosen To Protect Ireland’s Shannon Airport

Oncam Grandeye, the global innovator in technology, security solutions and 360-degree surveillance cameras, has been awarded a contract for the Shannon Airport Authority. Glasgow-based Video Management Systems (VMS), which selected Oncam Grandeye’s technology, will be the local integrator on the project, and the cameras will be controlled and managed through Titan Vision, VMS’ IP CCTV video management and PSIM solution. Shannon Airport is located on the western-most part of Ireland and is considered to be the gateway between Europe and the Americas. It handles approximately 3 million people a year, and nearly 50,000 metric tons of freight gets transported through its cargo area. The facility is enormous, with 40 check-in desks, 5 baggage carousels and 14 boarding gates (including 6 air bridges). There are nearly 40 aircraft parking stands. The car-parks can hold more than 5,000 cars. John Francis, the security manager at Shannon Airport, faces myriad challenges, and he tackled the terminal first. 360-degree cameras have been placed at the boarding gates in the large, congested area used by low-cost airlines. The main reason for surveillance here is health and safety. “We’re looking for slips and trips,” says Francis. Other cameras are positioned in the arrivals area, which houses vending machines, ATM’s, car-hire desks and pay stations for the car park. “The PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom camera) was always looking the wrong way when something happened, and was sometimes left zoomed in by an operator,” he said. “This is never the case with the 360; we see everything.” Shannon needed […]