Dahua WizMind Empowers Verticals with Topnotch AI Technologies

To cope with the ever-escalating complexity of security challenges involving huge flows of people and vehicles, we need something like the fabled omniscient guard, which fortunately has materialized now thanks to deep-learning AI. According to IHS report 2019, the total market value of Professional Video Surveillance Equipment grows to US$27,199.1 million in 2023. In the last couple of years, the market share of AI in the security industry is becoming increasingly remarkable.

3xLOGIC Releases VIGIL 11 With New Features and Updates

The VIGIL VMS is the driving force behind the VIGIL family of Recording Appliances. In VIGIL Client v11, 3xLOGIC has introduced AutoViews. An AutoView allows users to instantly assemble a camera layout using a pre-configured search filter. With standard saved views, a user must build a camera layout manually, save the view and then deploy the view whenever they login to VIGIL Client.

Genetec Achieves Top-5 Global Market Share Ranking and Rises to 2nd Place in the Americas

Genetec has become one of the world’s leading and fastest growing providers of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, according to a recently-released report by IHS Markit. According to the report “ANPR and Detector Sensors Report – 2018”, Genetec has now become a top 5 global provider of ANPR technology for surveillance applications, climbing from 10th place in 2016 to 4th place in this $453 M market.

OpenALPR Technology Announces New Features And Utilities To Aid Law Enforcement Investigations

OpenALPR Technology, a leading provider of automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) software, updates its Cloud Stream service by introducing new features which augment license plate recognition and make third party integrations easier. OpenALPR has also added Webhooks to Cloud Stream which will make integrating with third party applications and web services easier. Users can send pre-defined alerts and plate group results to a URL from the Cloud Stream user interface. The Webhooks feature is available for Basic and Professional Cloud Stream users.

PlateSmart To Show Breakthrough Innovations At ASIS 2016

PlateSmart® Technologies will be unveiling its groundbreaking next-generation Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and video analytics solutions at the ASIS 62nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits event. The global conference, which is being held this year in Orlando, Florida from September 12th-15th, showcases every year the best the security technology industry has to offer.

Barrier-Free Parking With ANPR Technology: A Real Option?

Many cities globally continue to become more congested, driving increased investment into off-street parking facilities. In recent years, automated number plate recognition (ANPR) [aka LPR] cameras and software have started to be used as part of the overall solution which also includes barriers, payment machines, and loop detectors. The main use of ANPR equipment is to alleviate issues related to ticket payments, where a license plate can be looked up in the system to verify entry times, or for security purposes.

Terrorism Is Not Just ‘Over There’ Anymore

[Editorial] The effects of terrorism are being felt by nearly every country now, east and west. From the continuing plague of ISIS in the Middle East, to domestic attacks such as those in Moore, Oklahoma, to the assault on the Canadian parliament building – the message being sent is very clear: No one is immune. These attacks are not confined to any one kind of victim, not restricted inside any set of borders.

ANPR/LPR and Detection Sensors Markets Expected to See Solid Growth Through 2018

ANPR and Detection Sensor Technologies – 2014 Edition
The problems of vehicle traffic and crime have been the cause of much frustration for governments and their citizens the world over. In recent years, Automation Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) [Also known as License Plate Recognition or LPR] and Detection Sensor technologies have emerged as viable and effective tools for mitigating such concerns, and presented exciting opportunities for suppliers of these product to grow their topline businesses. 

License Plate Recognition Software Integration Solution

A software firm has developed an Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR; a.k.a LPR; a.k.a. ANPR) application that can run on Samsung Techwin’s Open Platform WiseNetIII cameras and domes. The firm is Arteco, the Italian maker of Video Event Management software (VEMS). The company’s ALPR application has been developed for access control purposes, such as use in airports, sea ports, car parks, distribution centers, industrial parks, and critical infrastructure environments where there is a need for control of the movement of vehicles.

License Plate Readers Catch Serial Armed Robber

He has been a thorn in the side of several Metro Atlanta police agencies for nearly two years getting away with armed robberies at title pawn stores. But thanks to an alert Conyers Police Officer and new technology his reign of terror may be over. Officer Lucas said the Conyers robbery was one of the suspects thanks to Conyers police Officer Spencer Holland and the License Plate Readers, or LPR’s that were on the back of his patrol car.

ANPR Access HD: New Standard For License Plate Recognition

Nedap recently introduced the new ANPR Access HD, a reader dedicated to powerful license plate reading in challenging vehicular access control situations. This advanced product can easily be integrated into third party security, parking, and traffic management systems. The ANPR Access HD was launched at IFSEC 2014 in London and has been well received by […]

Denmark To Implement A Nationwide ANPR/LPR System

The Danish police is planning to implement a nationwide automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/LPR) system over the next couple of years. The Danish newspaper Berlingske obtained the project description for the IT system through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and reported about the ANPR plans. The ANPR system will consist of mobile units […]

Redflex Traffic Systems: Speed Enforcement And LPR/ANPR Systems

Redflex is a leading supplier of digital traffic enforcement systems and solutions, including red light, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/LPR), and average speed, in addition to fixed and mobile speed enforcement. The company offers a range of detection technologies, from dual radar and mapping radar technology to digital loop and piezoelectric sensors to provide detection […]

Fremont Police Hopes To Add Surveillance Cameras, License Plate Readers

Fremont, CA, police say a powerful new weapon to fight crime is working. With the help of private surveillance cameras, burglaries are down by 30 percent in Fremont. Now, city officials want to install high-def cameras and license plate readers to track criminals coming from out of town. These new cameras may have helped police […]

U.S. House Of Reps Votes To Ban Purchase Of License-Plate Cameras

Moving to protect privacy amidst increased public fear about government surveillance, the U.S. House of Representatives voted Tuesday to ban certain federal agencies from purchasing cameras that capture images of license plates. The measure passed, 254-172, as an amendment to the Transportation and Housing and Urban Development funding bill under consideration on the House floor. […]

Vehicle Recognition Solutions SeeControl Management Suite

Vehicle Recognition Solutions Product Image HTS, a global provider of  image processing and intelligence solutions to identify vehicles  for the transportation, parking, law enforcement, security and data mining  markets, announces VRS –their next generation of Vehicle Recognition Solutions. VRS includes flexible architecture with robust logic for configuration of lanes,  a new line of multi mega pixel high performance, true IP cameras with live video streaming , as well as a proprietary central management software with user interface and web enabled. The VRS SeeControl application is an intelligent vehicle management platform, transforming vehicle and license plate data into valuable information for quick action effective decision-making, be it for law enforcement, security, logistical, or operational purposes. The system helps organizations of all kinds manage, monitor and respond to vehicle-driven events, provide efficiencies for day-to-day operations and strategically plan through real-time vehicle identification and assessment as well as retrospective forensic analysis. The SeeControl management suite provides robust activity reporting, and commands a powerful event and alarm engine for instantaneous exception notification. The system installs, configures and administers HTS Vehicle Recognition Imaging Units, monitors device health, and manages a database of all vehicle collected information. The new flexible architecture enables effective lane configuration  and lane logic depending on customer  needs, easy site set up, and friendly user interface. The first imaging unit  in this new series launched by HTS  is the N50 Imaging Unit for  precision and efficiency in low-speed access control, parking and security applications, including critical facilities. The HTS VRS N50 […]

Repo Companies A Vast Hidden Surveillance Network Across The Country

Few notice the “spotter car” from Manny Sousa’s repo company as it scours Massachusetts parking lots, looking for vehicles whose owners have defaulted on their loans. Sousa’s unmarked car is part of a technological revolution that goes well beyond the repossession business, transforming any ­industry that wants to check on the whereabouts of ordinary people. An automated reader attached to the spotter car takes a picture of every ­license plate it passes and sends it to a company in Texas that already has more than 1.8 billion plate scans from vehicles across the country. These scans mean big money for Sousa — typically $200 to $400 every time the spotter finds a vehicle that’s stolen or in default — so he runs his spotter around the clock, typically adding 8,000 plate scans to the database in Texas each day. Private companies were quietly and rapidly finding ways to profit from much larger databases with little public discussion. Digital Recognition Network , with the help of about 400 repossession companies across the United States, has increased the number of ­license scans in its database tenfold since September 2010, and the firm continues to add another 70 million scans per month, according to company disclosures. Digital Recognition’s top rival, Illinois-based MVTRAC , has not disclosed the size of its database, but claimed in a 2012 Wall Street Journal interview to have scans of “a large majority” of vehicles registered in the United States. Digital Recognition already provides its entire data pool […]

MESSOA Introduces Industry’s First 3MP IP License Plate Recognition Camera

By Brianna Crandall , February 17, 2014—International surveillance technology manufacturer MESSOA Technologies recently announced the launch of the LPR606, which the company says is the industry’s first three-megapixel (3MP) Internet protocol (IP) bullet license plate recognition/automatic number plate recognition (LPR/ANPR) network camera. The newest addition to MESSOA’s existing IP traffic camera lineup was specifically engineered for overview and access-control LPR applications at car parks, toll booths, gated communities, and a variety of low-speed environments. Designed with access control in mind, the LPR606 is suitable for applications of capturing vehicles with reflective license plates traveling at moderate speeds up to 60km/h. The 3MP resolution of the LPR606 reportedly allows for a much wider view and more details compared to one with video graphics array (VGA), covering up to two traffic lanes with just a single camera. Not only does it reduce the total cost of ownership, the camera delivers much enhanced image quality, which ensures plate recognition results are up to high-level standards, says MESSOA. The LPR606 is equipped with a 30m infrared (IR) light-emitting diode (LED) unit that generates the adequate, even illumination needed for high-megapixel images at difficult lighting conditions. Thanks to MESSOA’s low-light expertise and the camera’s LPR-oriented specifications, such as configurable shutter speed, iris, and illumination control, the LPR606 is able to deliver unparalleled imaging performance that yields superior license plate recognition rates, claims the company. Deployment-wise, the three-axis cable management bracket and external lens adjustment significantly facilitates installation of this outdoor-ready LPR/ANPR camera. The LPR606 […]

State Of The Video Analytics Market – 2014

As more organizations realize the intrinsic value of video in a physical security system, getting more value out of that video is becoming increasingly important. And those same organizations are learning of more affordable ways to record and store surveillance video with much longer retention times. Therefore, the number of video analytic installations is significantly […]