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License Plate Readers Catch Serial Armed Robber

He has been a thorn in the side of several Metro Atlanta police agencies for nearly two years getting away with armed robberies at title pawn stores. But thanks to an alert Conyers Police Officer and new technology his reign of terror may be over. Officer Lucas said the Conyers robbery was one of the suspects thanks to Conyers police Officer Spencer Holland and the License Plate Readers, or LPR’s that were on the back of his patrol car.

Fremont Police Hopes To Add Surveillance Cameras, License Plate Readers

Fremont, CA, police say a powerful new weapon to fight crime is working. With the help of private surveillance cameras, burglaries are down by 30 percent in Fremont. Now, city officials want to install high-def cameras and license plate readers to track criminals coming from out of town. These new cameras may have helped police […]

Californians Overwhelmingly Support Use Of License Plate Readers, New Survey Finds

The majority of Californians agree that license plate reader (LPR)technology helps law enforcement solve crimes and any restrictions on who can photograph license plates would be unacceptable, according to a new poll conducted by Zogby Analytics and commissioned by Vigilant Solutions. The poll of 800 California residents, conducted during the first week in April, showed […]

ACLU: More Surveillance Cameras Don’t Make You Safer

video.surveillance.205×205.jpg Big images below. In a post last month , we told you about a new website called CommunityCam , which planned to use crowd-sourcing techniques to document and map all the security cameras in public areas throughout Denver and other nearby areas . The site’s founder mainly portrayed such surveillance devices as good things — no surprise, given that his main company sells and markets them. But the ACLU of Boulder’s Judd Golden doesn’t equate more cameras with more safety and is concerned about other possible infringements on personal privacy as they proliferate. Golden isn’t new to this issue. Back in August, he talked with us about license-plate readers , which he said had the technical capability of allowing authorities to track every driver in Boulder and beyond . So it’s no surprise he looked at the CommunityCam concept with a critical eye. Here’s a CommunityCam screen capture of Colorado from our original post. Next, take a closer look at Denver metro, with designations for the number of cameras in assorted suburbs, plus Boulder and the city itself: Finally, here’s a zoom-in of downtown Denver, with icons marking the locations for dozens of cameras, many just steps away from each other: In the view of CommunityCam’s Josh Daniels, maps like these provide locals with “primarily social benefits — things like being able to plan safer, monitored routes for jogging, biking and walking. Obviously, Denver has a very active outdoor population of people, and this allows […]

ACLU Push Will Put Privacy In Public Eye

MONTPELIER — From the proliferation of license plate readers to the installation of face-identification software at the Department of Motor Vehicles, state and local government in recent years has invested significant sums of money in technology that can be used to track citizens. Now one Vermont organization is saying enough is enough and will launch a campaign next week aimed at illuminating the scope of taxpayer-funded surveillance activities that have cropped up in the wake of 9/11. The Vermont chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union will unveil a report Tuesday highlighting the evolution in recent years of the state’s information-gathering apparatus. As the organization says in a YouTube video released this week announcing its efforts, “We used to be a state where both the notion and the reality of privacy were true.” “But over the last dozen years, Vermont has been transformed into a state where we’re being watched,” the video says. Allen Gilbert, executive director of the ACLU of Vermont, said residents here have largely been caught off guard by the cumulative effect of the new technologies. “Many of these have crept in rather slowly, and I don’t think anyone realized the scope of the individual pieces, and the power of the system when all those pieces are aggregated,” Gilbert said. Components of the state and federal surveillance program include: license plate readers that aggregate driver data for use by law enforcement personnel; cellphone-tracking technology that allows police, often without a warrant, to determine the location of […]