ACLU: More Surveillance Cameras Don’t Make You Safer


In a post last month, we told you about a new website called CommunityCam, which planned to use crowd-sourcing techniques to document and map all the security cameras in public areas throughout Denver and other nearby areas. The site’s founder mainly portrayed such surveillance devices as good things — no surprise, given that his main company sells and markets them.

But ACLU of Boulder’s Judd Golden doesn’t equate more cameras with more safety and is concerned about other possible infringements on personal privacy as they proliferate.

Golden isn’t new to this issue. Back in August, he talked with us about license-plate readers, which he said had the technical capability of allowing authorities to track every driver in Boulder and beyond. So it’s no surprise he looked at the CommunityCam concept with a critical eye.

In the view of CommunityCam’s Josh Daniels, their maps provide locals with “primarily social benefits — things like being able to plan safer, monitored routes for jogging, biking and walking. Obviously, Denver has a very active outdoor population of people […]