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Dahua Launches Dual-Biometric Identification Time Attendance Terminals

Zhejiang Dahua Technology has launched its new time attendance terminals: the DHI-ASA4214F and DHI-ASA6214F. These highly intelligent devices will support both face and fingerprint identification for access control and time attendance in office scenarios, enabling easy staff management and security control. Fingerprint or face identification devices is commonly seen in today’s workplace, but Dahua’s attendance terminals offer dual-biometric identification integrated into a single device.

SentiVeillance Provides Biometric Identification and Object Tracking for Video Surveillance Systems

Neurotechnology, a provider of high-precision biometric identification and object recognition technologies, today announced the availability of the SentiVeillance 4.0 software development kit (SDK). This latest version has a new name and provides a number of enhancements over the previous version (known as VeriLook Surveillance 3.1) that support its use in a wider range of surveillance, security, and public safety applications. Working with live video streams from single or multiple high-resolution digital surveillance cameras, the new SentiVeillance provides real-time object detection and classification, biometric face identification of multiple people moving in different directions.

Facial Recognition Software Performance Continues To Improve

Who is that stranger in your social media photo? A click on the face reveals the name in seconds, almost as soon as you identified your best friend. While that handy app is not quite ready for your smart phone, researchers are trying to develop reliable methods to match one person’s photo from millions of […]

ACLU Push Will Put Privacy In Public Eye

MONTPELIER — From the proliferation of license plate readers to the installation of face-identification software at the Department of Motor Vehicles, state and local government in recent years has invested significant sums of money in technology that can be used to track citizens. Now one Vermont organization is saying enough is enough and will launch a campaign next week aimed at illuminating the scope of taxpayer-funded surveillance activities that have cropped up in the wake of 9/11. The Vermont chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union will unveil a report Tuesday highlighting the evolution in recent years of the state’s information-gathering apparatus. As the organization says in a YouTube video released this week announcing its efforts, “We used to be a state where both the notion and the reality of privacy were true.” “But over the last dozen years, Vermont has been transformed into a state where we’re being watched,” the video says. Allen Gilbert, executive director of the ACLU of Vermont, said residents here have largely been caught off guard by the cumulative effect of the new technologies. “Many of these have crept in rather slowly, and I don’t think anyone realized the scope of the individual pieces, and the power of the system when all those pieces are aggregated,” Gilbert said. Components of the state and federal surveillance program include: license plate readers that aggregate driver data for use by law enforcement personnel; cellphone-tracking technology that allows police, often without a warrant, to determine the location of […]