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CNL Software and Candid Security Solutions Partner for Major Projects in the UAE

CNL Software, a world leader in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, is pleased to announce that it has completed the integration of IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM with the Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR/LPR) range of products from Candid Security Solutions LLC, a specialist manufacturer and developer of ANPR application software and traffic solutions.

Barrier-Free Parking With ANPR Technology: A Real Option?

Many cities globally continue to become more congested, driving increased investment into off-street parking facilities. In recent years, automated number plate recognition (ANPR) [aka LPR] cameras and software have started to be used as part of the overall solution which also includes barriers, payment machines, and loop detectors. The main use of ANPR equipment is to alleviate issues related to ticket payments, where a license plate can be looked up in the system to verify entry times, or for security purposes.

GovComm 4th Generation License Plate Recognition Camera Systems Exceed 95% Accuracy Rate!

GovComm provides a number of unprecedented advantages for users, including the ability to accurately capture license plate information at speeds up to 120 mph in all kinds of weather and lighting conditions. Advanced algorithms simultaneously analyze multiple frames of high speed video resulting in pinpoint accuracy that distinguishes characters that are rule based and optically confirmed.

Genetec Announces Next Generation AutoVu Sharp and SharpX Automated License Plate Recognition Cameras

Genetec™, developer of unified IP security solutions announced the next generation of its IP-based automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras, the AutoVu Sharp and AutoVu SharpX. The new cameras enable the concurrent detection of license plates from a greater variety of models, capturing license plates from different states or countries on the same system.

2019 Industrial Security Systems Research Report offers “Industrial Security Systems Market by Systems (Video, RFID, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Parking Management, Under Vehicle Inspection), End Users (SEZ, Factories, Hotels, Banks, Government), Component Service Geography – Global Forecasts to 2020”. This report presents the complete analysis and information about the industrial security systems market across the time span of six years (2014-2020). A complete analysis of the industrial security systems market for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Rest of the World has been presented in this report.

ANPR Access HD: New Standard For License Plate Recognition

Nedap recently introduced the new ANPR Access HD, a reader dedicated to powerful license plate reading in challenging vehicular access control situations. This advanced product can easily be integrated into third party security, parking, and traffic management systems. The ANPR Access HD was launched at IFSEC 2014 in London and has been well received by […]

Denmark To Implement A Nationwide ANPR/LPR System

The Danish police is planning to implement a nationwide automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/LPR) system over the next couple of years. The Danish newspaper Berlingske obtained the project description for the IT system through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and reported about the ANPR plans. The ANPR system will consist of mobile units […]

Redflex Traffic Systems: Speed Enforcement And LPR/ANPR Systems

Redflex is a leading supplier of digital traffic enforcement systems and solutions, including red light, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/LPR), and average speed, in addition to fixed and mobile speed enforcement. The company offers a range of detection technologies, from dual radar and mapping radar technology to digital loop and piezoelectric sensors to provide detection […]

Californians Overwhelmingly Support Use Of License Plate Readers, New Survey Finds

The majority of Californians agree that license plate reader (LPR)technology helps law enforcement solve crimes and any restrictions on who can photograph license plates would be unacceptable, according to a new poll conducted by Zogby Analytics and commissioned by Vigilant Solutions. The poll of 800 California residents, conducted during the first week in April, showed […]

MESSOA Introduces Industry’s First 3MP IP License Plate Recognition Camera

By Brianna Crandall , February 17, 2014—International surveillance technology manufacturer MESSOA Technologies recently announced the launch of the LPR606, which the company says is the industry’s first three-megapixel (3MP) Internet protocol (IP) bullet license plate recognition/automatic number plate recognition (LPR/ANPR) network camera. The newest addition to MESSOA’s existing IP traffic camera lineup was specifically engineered for overview and access-control LPR applications at car parks, toll booths, gated communities, and a variety of low-speed environments. Designed with access control in mind, the LPR606 is suitable for applications of capturing vehicles with reflective license plates traveling at moderate speeds up to 60km/h. The 3MP resolution of the LPR606 reportedly allows for a much wider view and more details compared to one with video graphics array (VGA), covering up to two traffic lanes with just a single camera. Not only does it reduce the total cost of ownership, the camera delivers much enhanced image quality, which ensures plate recognition results are up to high-level standards, says MESSOA. The LPR606 is equipped with a 30m infrared (IR) light-emitting diode (LED) unit that generates the adequate, even illumination needed for high-megapixel images at difficult lighting conditions. Thanks to MESSOA’s low-light expertise and the camera’s LPR-oriented specifications, such as configurable shutter speed, iris, and illumination control, the LPR606 is able to deliver unparalleled imaging performance that yields superior license plate recognition rates, claims the company. Deployment-wise, the three-axis cable management bracket and external lens adjustment significantly facilitates installation of this outdoor-ready LPR/ANPR camera. The LPR606 […]

VIVOTEK Cameras Ensure Public Rental Housing Security In Hong Kong

Published on 27 Jan, 2014 Vivotek cameras provide high-standard security for Kai Tak Development VIVOTEK cameras provide information for identifying vehicle licence plate numbers in outdoor and indoor spaces Background Cheung Hing Electronic Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. , a system integrator in Hong Kong working with VIVOTEK distributor EverBest Technologies , recently completed implementation of a surveillance system for ensuring public rental housing security for Kai Tak Development, which is a huge and highly complex development project planned by the local government in Hong Kong. The customer, Kai Tak Development, requested a surveillance system that can be used to monitor the indoor and outdoor spaces of a new public rental housing community, including areas such as the entrance, the main door, aisles, stairs, exits and lifts. The system was expected to ensure residents’ security by acquiring comprehensive environmental information. Thus, effective surveillance of public areas is of paramount importance. A full range and high quality megapixel video surveillance system has been considered as the best solution. Solution To achieve this goal, Cheung Hing Electronic Electrical Engineering installed a total of 368 VIVOTEK cameras in six models: eighty-two FD8136 , forty-five IP8335H, one hundred and forty-three FD8335H, thirty-four SD8121 , nine IP8152 , and fifty-five VS8102 . Features as mini size, P-iris, auto iris, vandal-proof properties, wide dynamic range, PTZ functions, and high resolution are primary reasons that Cheung Hing Electronic Electrical Engineering selected these cameras. These features were vital for capturing images that can provide accurate and comprehensive information […]

How Britain Exported Next-Generation Surveillance

WHEN CHAPMAN’S CAR triggered that alert on the evening of October 26, it took the police just 20 minutes to find and stop him. But, as a later investigation discovered, it was not the first warning that had been issued. In fact, a total of 16 ANPR alerts had been put out over the previous three days—including four on the day he was arrested. Three police forces spotted Peter Chapman. Between them they cover a combined area of more than 10,000 square km. The combined area covered by Cleveland, Durham, and North Yorkshire police forces is over 10,000 square kilometers. It is policed by close to 5,000 officers and home to almost two million people—similar in size to Houston, Texas, but spread across an area 10 times greater. The report for Chapman’s vehicle said the driver was “to be immediately stopped”, but it was only graded as medium priority. In truth, the alerts were just a tiny handful of those that tumble onto police computers in a never-ending avalanche of data: in Cleveland alone, roadside cameras generate around 2,500 alerts every day. Officers were sent to find his car six times, but for four days attempts had proved futile. After all, knowing where a vehicle had been 10 minutes earlier is not necessarily enough to find it on Britain’s crowded road network. In the space of three days, 16 alerts were generated by Chapman’s car. Each one urged police to arrest the driver. There is a reason so much […]

San Leandro Moves Ahead With More Security Cameras; Hints At Limiting Data Retention

San Leandro City Council approved to move ahead with expanding its video surveillance system, however, with hesitation over the one-year retention period of information collected by the cameras. The council approved, 5-2, directing staff to formulate a plan for additional cameras at two undetermined location. Mayor Stephen Cassidy and Councilmember Ursula Reed both dissented. The […]

LILIN LPR/ANPR License Plate Recognition Solution

Source: Sponsored by LILIN | Date: 09/09/2013 Related tags: IPR7338ESX , LILIN IPG1022ESX , IPR7338ESX , LILIN , LILIN ANPR Automated Number Plate Recognition, abbreviated as ANPR, is one of LILIN’s foremost software products. ANPR is a type of OCR (optical character recognition) technology, to read automatically the registration number and characters of vehicles from digital pictures. Reading the registration number means transforming the pixels of the digital image into the text of the number plate. LILIN ANPR system allows versatile & client-specific applications such as comparison of number plates with a Blacklist, Whitelist, and Exclusion List. The setup of Blacklist is to avoid unauthorized vehicles attempt accessing the premises by sending a pop-up warning window to users through LILIN ANPR solutions. Whitelist is mainly for access control. In addition to Blacklist and Whitelist, users can also set up an Exclusion List, is featuring to avoid misreading frontal vehicle brand logo as registration plates. Not only users can setup various lists for all kinds of license plate reading applications, but LILIN also offers “Recognition Rate Filtering” function to minimize the chances that unclear images / motion blur due to vehicle moving. With LILIN ANPR solutions, users can set up their default total length and font size of plate numbers and letters in order for receiving high recognition rate. LILIN ANPR Availabilities LILIN’s intuitive ANPR system is available in all Eurozone nations, US, UK, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Mongolia, and Tajikistan. LILIN provides pre-sale […]