HID Global Acquires Omni-ID to Extend Its RFID Leadership

HID Global announced that it has acquired Omni-ID, a leading manufacturer of RFID tags and industrial IoT hardware devices for passive and active tagging, tracking, monitoring and alerting applications. The acquisition extends HID’s market leadership in RFID technology and strengthens its presence in India and China.

FEIG ELECTRONICS Introduces the Compact CPR60

FEIG ELECTRONICS a compact RFID reader module designed for use in terminals, printers, handheld and portable devices. This tiny module offers four interfaces for smart card contact units, making it suitable for electronic ticket applications in public transport. Demand for RFID readers is surging: according to Allied Market Research, the market is forecasted to grow from $8.9 billion in revenue in 2018 to an impressive $22.5 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 9.8%.

Don’t Let Hackers Steal Your Personal Identify

Your personal identity (PI) is any identification, presented in numbers, icons or letters, that is used to describe you and only you. Your phone number, email address, Social Security number, and a host of other identifiers distinguish you from your neighbor, a fellow in Sri Lanka or your sister. Using any of the above should help differentiate you from others. Since too many people can have the same name, birth date, password or other descriptors, the above should further discern that it’s you, not somebody else with your PI.

Secure Our City, Inc. Increases Parking Security With Farpointe Long Range Reading Solution

Farpointe Data, the access control industry’s OEM for RFID solutions, announced that Secure Our City, Inc., an electronic security technology and low voltage design firm based in Ashland, Mass., was able to solve the problems of a leading healthcare organization’s parking garage was having with standard 125-kHz proximity readers and credentials. By creating a new security system featuring cameras, access control, and the Farpointe Ranger® long range reading system, Secure Our City was able to make possible higher security access, such as double-tapping at the entrance, and provide the increased control the parking garage needed.

Morse Watchmans Demonstrates Soon To Be Available AssetWatcher At IFSEC 2017

Among the full line of industry-leading key and asset control products and technologies, Morse Watchmans will be demonstrating its soon-to-be available AssetWatcher solution at IFSEC (stand: F1650). Using RFID technology to track assets placed in or removed from lockers, AssetWatcher is ideal for use in schools, universities, casinos, hospitals and other high-security applications. AssetWatcher’s RFID technology uses non-contact wireless radio links to recognize tagged assets.

GuardRFID Releases Low Cost Proximity Tag Exciter

Guard RFID Solutions Inc. announced today that it had released a new device that enables detection of tagged people or assets within a confined area or at close range. This device is suitable for applications that require room-level or bed-level location capability in hospitals, for example. The Proximity Tag Exciter (PTE) creates a tag capture zone whose radius can be adjusted precisely to fit the application’s tag detection range requirements.

Eventbrite Extends Platform With RFID Technology to Streamline Entry Management and Cut Wait Times at Large Events and Festivals

Eventbrite, the world’s largest self-service ticketing platform, today announced it has started offering an RFID (Radio-frequency identification) solution, designed to help large, multi-day festivals and events streamline entry-management operations, create and enhance revenue streams, and reduce fraud.

Why RFID Access Control on a Jobsite Is More Important Than You Think

A construction jobsite is a perfect example of where RFID technology is used in countless applications. Jobsites are able to use a variety of RFID frequencies in applications to ensure security and to automate previously manual processes. Some examples include: Locating long range, or hard to find items with active RFID.

Farpointe’s MAXSecure Provides Increased Security to Card-Based Access Control Systems

Farpointe Data, the access control industry’s global partner of choice for premium RFID solutions, today announced that access control manufacturers and integrators can now provide their customers with a way to protect their card-based systems from skimming, eavesdropping and relay attacks. Skimming occurs when the attacker uses an unauthorized reader to access information on the unsuspecting victim’s RFID card or tag without consent.

Elpas Debuts New Generation of Infant Protection Bracelet

Elpas, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco (NYSE: TYC), has introduced a new version of its Infant Protection Bracelet, part of its Infant Protection Solution. The Infant Protection Solution consists of a small, baby-friendly Active RFID Tag, and the Elpas Charm that, when used as part of the Infant Protection Bracelet, enables wireless deterrence of infant abduction and mother-baby mismatch in maternity, obstetrics, neonatal, and pediatric departments from the time of birth/admittance until discharge.

ANPR Access HD: New Standard For License Plate Recognition

Nedap recently introduced the new ANPR Access HD, a reader dedicated to powerful license plate reading in challenging vehicular access control situations. This advanced product can easily be integrated into third party security, parking, and traffic management systems. The ANPR Access HD was launched at IFSEC 2014 in London and has been well received by […]

RFID Global Solution Founder And COO Tom Manzagol Wins 2014 Washington SmartCEO Executive Management Award

“Tom has been instrumental in setting the vision for the company, overseeing our largest enterprise programs, and playing a key leadership role while the firm has undergone rapid growth over the last few years,” said Diana Hage, CEO, RFID Global. RFID Global Solution’s founder and chief operating officer, Thomas Manzagol, is a winner of SmartCEO’s […]

RFID UHF Tag From DAILY Will Take The Place Of Traditional Admission Tickets

Recently, DAILY RFID has newly released a series of RFID UHF tag based on the latest advanced UHF technology, who is one of the professional RFID product developers and manufacturers in the world. Online PR News – 26-February-2014 –Recently, DAILY RFID has newly released a series of RFID UHF tag based on the latest advanced UHF technology, who is one of the professional RFID product developers and manufacturers in the world. Compared with low frequency RFID tag, this RFID UHF tag has many advantages to ensure the security, such as anti-collision, unique ID number and the time of data saving up to ten years. Taking RFID Windshield Tag-06 for instance, a RFID UHF tag newly released by DAILY RFID working on the frequency of 860-960MHz, it is specially designed for vehicle management. Besides, in virtue of the long reading distance ranging from5mto7m, this RFID UHF tag is suitable for access control applications such as gated communities, parking management and vehicle tracking. With the rapid development of all kinds of info technology, this RFID UHF tag will take the place of the traditional admission tickets which cannot already meet the requirements of consumers. All in all, the RFID UHF tag from DAILY not only strengthens the public safety, but also promotes the beneficial efficiency of enterprises. Please find more info about RFID UHF tag at DAILY RFID website: http://www.rfid-in-china.com/products-42-1.html About DAILY RFID CO., LIMITED DAILY RFID CO., LIMITED (http://www.rfid-in-china.com), which belongs to PAN Group Co., Ltd, is the leading company […]

ID&C Take RFID Wristband Technology To South American Event Market

ID&C take RFID wristband technology to South American event market festivals outdoor events event technology an Event Magazine ID&C Ltd, the global market leader in RFID wristbands and credentials for live events, and PasseVIP, Brazil’s largest security wristband provider have announced a strategic partnership that will see the latest RFID wristband technology reach South America’s expanding live entertainment sector. The partnership follows a successful RFID wristband deployment at the Rock in Rio festival last summer, where 40,000 of ID&C’s RFID wristbands were used for contactless payments and access control. Since launching its RFID wristbands at the Coachella Festival in 2011, ID&C has gone on to supply more than 3.5 million RFID products to live events around the world including in 2013, The UEFA Champions Festival, Rock in Rio, Bonnaroo and British Summer Time. ID&C’s head of RFID, Steve Daly said, “South America and more specifically Brazil is a very tech savvy and forward thinking territory. We wanted to align ourselves with a company that has the same ethics and customer focus that we pride ourselves on here at ID&C. We are delighted to be working with PasseVIP to service the growing demand in Brazil for our products. With this new wristband technology, patrons will no longer need to carry a lot of cash into festival venues, which translates into added safety for the public”, says Antonio Bindi, co-owner of PasseVIP.  “Furthermore, with the use of RFID we will get people out of the huge lines, thus increasing sales and […]

Store Mannequins With RFID Tracking Now Recording Everything You Do

A well-dressed, picture-perfect  mannequin  stands still in a middle of a department store. She looks like any other life-size figure you’ve seen,  except she can see and hear you . It has cameras for eyes, audio recording capabilities, an embedded computer to analyze shoppers’ faces, and a modem to upload the data to a server. Called the EyeSee Mannequin , it’s meant to provide more data to retailers and department stores about shoppers, says its creator. “The EyeSee can tell if a shopper is male or female, his or her age range, how much time you spent looking at it and its outfit,” Max Catanese, the CEO of Almax, told ABC News. The EyeSee can also tell the ethnicity of shoppers. The goal, as you might assume, is for stores to know more about who is shopping and looking at the displays. How long you looked at one mannequin versus others, how many types of shoppers come into the store, etc. Video Store Mannequins With RFID Tracking Now Recording Everything You Do “The potential is huge. A store can really know who their client is. Let’s say you have eight floors and six floors are for women and two are for men, but you find out 80 percent of the shoppers are male. You want to change the ratio and switch it,” Catanese said. The computer inside the mannequin captures data about each of the shoppers it sees and then uploads that to a portal, so that the store can […]

Zwipe Offers Fingerprint-Authenticated RFID Access-Control Card

Norwegian startup Zwipe is marketing a new passive Near Field Communication (NFC) RFID access-control card that incorporates a fingerprint scanner to authenticate an individual before the card responds to an RFID reader. Initially, the company has signed contracts with two access-control technology distributors—one in the United States and the other in Europe—both of which have asked to remain unnamed. Commercial release of the card, known as Zwipe Access, follows two pilots in Oslo—one conducted at Telemark University College (TUC), and the other at law firm Simonsen Vogt Wiig —says Kim Kristian Humborstad, Zwipe’s CEO and cofounder. The card is also being tested by several other small Norwegian companies, he says. At Simonsen Vogt Wiig, the Zwipe technology is being used by the law firm’s Stanley Security Solutions NFC-based access-control system. At TUC, as well as for several other pilots, Zwipe is providing a Salto Systems X4 door controller with a built-in RFID reader that supports cards made with NXP Semiconductors ‘ Mifare DESFire EV1 chip. Zwipe Access was first conceived by Humborstad and a fellow student at TUC’s school of innovation and entrepreneurship, Humborstad explains. Initially, he says, the team was focused on creating secure identification solutions that could authenticate an individual without intruding upon the user’s privacy. They were interested in how technology could be employed at grocery or convenience stores, for example, to prove a customer buying liquor or other controlled products was who he said he was. Eventually, Humborstad reports, they found a market for improved […]