ZKAccess Introduces Industry’s First Multi-Biometric Access Control Device With SilkID Technology

ZKAccess, a leading provider of biometric, RFID, and access control solutions, is pleased to bring to market the security industry’s first Multi-Biometric access control device with SilkID technology – the ProBio-ID. It offers the highest level of both security and convenience, all in a single, easily-installed stand-alone device. 

ZKAccess Further Expands It’s Dealer Support Services

ZKAccess, a division of ZKTeco and leading provider of biometric and RFID security solutions, is committed to educating and supporting its dealer network as to better compete in the security market. As part of this commitment, ZKAccess has recently created three new “dealer-focused” positions.

ZKAccess Introduces New, All-In-One Security Platform Software

ZKAccess is proud to announce its new “All-in-One” Web-based security platform software – ZKBioSecurity3.0. The software, which supports the ZKAccess Pro Series of panels and readers, contains four integrated modules: Access Control, Video Integration, Elevator Control, and Visitor Management. Equipped with an optimized system architecture designed for high level biometric identification and a modern user-friendly UI, ZKBioSecurity3.0 provides an advanced solution for a whole new user experience.

ZKAccess Becomes AMAG Technology Symmetry Preferred Partner

ZKAccess is proud to announce that it is now officially an AMAG Technology Symmetry preferred partner and member of the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program. The ZKAccess OP-200 fingerprint reader interfaces with the Symmetry™ Access Control system to provide biometric capabilities without needing additional middleware. ZKAccess and AMAG Technology cooperatively tested and certified the integration.

ZKAccess Announces RS2 Biometric Integration

ZKAccess, a leading provider of biometric and RFID security solutions, is pleased to announce its ZKBioPack software now allows for the integration of ZKAccess biometric readers with RS2 Technology’s Access It!® access control software. RS2 Technologies is an independently owned access management company, which allows them to stay close to their customers and be more responsive to their customers’ security needs.

ZKAccess Educates Attendees At Security.World’s San Diego Security Show 2017

ZKAccess CEO Larry Reed was a presenter at the Show, educating attendees on the security and convenience that biometric technology provides. “It was an honor to be invited as an expert speaker to review the evolution of access control, culminating in integrated biometric security solutions for various markets used in everyday applications,” Reed says. “Most tradeshows have only ‘static’ displays, but the San Diego show was a hand-on live experience of integrated security technologies,” he adds. Reed was also a guest on San Diego’s local news station KUSI, appearing in its weekly “Tech Tuesday” segment. He demonstrated integrated face recognition access control technology with technology partner Delta Turnstiles.

ZKAccess Announces Integration Partnership With Arteco

ZKAccess, a division of ZKTeco and leading provider of biometric and RFID security solutions, is pleased to announce the integration of its access control platform with Arteco, a global provider of video event management solutions. The integration of access control and video surveillance is of growing interest to end users in a wide variety of markets, which propelled both companies to seek a partnership to provide customers with the ability to combine data into a single management platform.

Long Range Facial Recognition for Access Control: A Viable Solution

The new frontier for biometric technology is now a reality: long range facial recognition for access control. Historically there was fear about capturing and storing biometric information. The second challenge was having to slow down at a door to present credentials, or worse, interact with an unreliable device you had to touch or put your face close to.