ProdataKey’s New Wristband Credential for Active Lifestyles Combines Comfort with Convenience

ProdataKey now offers a unique wristband credential made of attractive, comfortable, and durable fabric. These stretchable, slip-on/slip-off wristbands are designed for users with an active lifestyle. They’re ideal for schools, community centers, gyms, public pools, and other locations where users may not want to carry a phone, wallet, or traditional card or fob. Both rugged and waterproof, they can be worn during any activity.

Wristband Uses Encryption to Grant Access to Other Devices

A Kickstarter project aims to give you a Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled wristband that replaces keys and passwords. Everykey from the Cleveland, Ohio-based company of the same name, Everykey, is a fashionable band that can be instantly disabled if your Everykey ever gets lost or stolen. The Wristband uses encryption to grant access to other devices. When the Everykey wristband is within range of a user’s device, the wristband will allow the user to bypass that device’s password or physically unlock it automatically.

Disposable RFID Wristband Is Increasingly Used For Access Control Management

Recently, the disposable RFID wristband has been newly released by DAILY RFID who is a leading professional RFID products manufacturer, combined with the radio frequency technology and smart card technology. Market Press Release – February 22, 2014 8:55 am Recently, the disposable RFID wristband has been newly released by DAILY RFID who is a leading professional RFID products manufacturer, combined with the radio frequency technology and smart card technology, which has the trait of simple to use and easy to wear. At present, the disposable RFID wristband has become popular beyond hospital patient ID and is increasingly used for access control management, including music festival, vocal concert and so on. Take One-time RFID Wristband – 03 for instance, a disposable RFID wristband released by DAILY RFID with a unique ID code, operates at 13.56MHz or 125 KHz working frequency and reads the range of up to 2 meters. Besides, this disposable RFID wristband with PVC material is completely waterproof, ultra stretch-resistant, and can be custom printed with the logo or any image. What’s more, this one-off wristband from DAILY has the high quality and good performance at the low cost. Comparing with the reusable RFID wristband, the disposable RFID wristband has the huge potential market due to its features which brings more convenience and efficiency to access control management of enterprises. Therefore, it can be believed that this RFID wristband will have occupied a large proportion of the RFID wristband market in the future. Please find more info about […]

ID&C Take RFID Wristband Technology To South American Event Market

ID&C take RFID wristband technology to South American event market festivals outdoor events event technology an Event Magazine ID&C Ltd, the global market leader in RFID wristbands and credentials for live events, and PasseVIP, Brazil’s largest security wristband provider have announced a strategic partnership that will see the latest RFID wristband technology reach South America’s expanding live entertainment sector. The partnership follows a successful RFID wristband deployment at the Rock in Rio festival last summer, where 40,000 of ID&C’s RFID wristbands were used for contactless payments and access control. Since launching its RFID wristbands at the Coachella Festival in 2011, ID&C has gone on to supply more than 3.5 million RFID products to live events around the world including in 2013, The UEFA Champions Festival, Rock in Rio, Bonnaroo and British Summer Time. ID&C’s head of RFID, Steve Daly said, “South America and more specifically Brazil is a very tech savvy and forward thinking territory. We wanted to align ourselves with a company that has the same ethics and customer focus that we pride ourselves on here at ID&C. We are delighted to be working with PasseVIP to service the growing demand in Brazil for our products. With this new wristband technology, patrons will no longer need to carry a lot of cash into festival venues, which translates into added safety for the public”, says Antonio Bindi, co-owner of PasseVIP.  “Furthermore, with the use of RFID we will get people out of the huge lines, thus increasing sales and […]