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Introducing on-Card Fingerprint Biometric Payments From MasterCard and Zwipe

Zwipe AS and MasterCard announced the launch of the world’s very first contactless payment card with embedded fingerprint biometrics. Combining on-device biometric authentication with the convenience of a contactless credit card, the new solution allows for a purchase of any amount to be made without the entry of a PIN, something that has never before been offered by a payment card.

Parabit Systems Reaches New Milestone in Preventing Skimming at Top US Banks

Parabit Systems recently received two major orders totaling 1,500 units of its SkimGard (ATM Lobby Card Access Skimmer Detection System) with its new ACS-1E access control system, to be delivered by the end of 2014. With these orders, Parabit’s SkimGard and ACS-1E ATM Lobby Card Access Control System will be securing and providing Skimmer Detection at over 5,000 ATM Lobbies within the U.S by year end.

SmartMetric Biometric Solution For Credit Cards A Powerful Weapon In Protecting Consumers And Banks Alike

SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME ) — Credit and debit card fraud is starting to erode confidence in card providers, with many consumers using cards less often or abandoning them altogether after incidents, a global survey of 6,100 consumers by ACI Worldwide has reported. What seems to be changing quite rapidly is how consumers view fraud […]

Visa Is Experimenting With Biometric Payment Systems

S Apple’s iPhone 5S has a fingerprint scanner, and now Samsung’s revealed a print-reading Galaxy S5 . Each allows for payments to be verified using a swipe of your digits. Is this the possible future of all transactions? Perhaps, and Visa is now exploring the area too to ensure it will be ready for the possible sea-change. "Smartphones equipped with fingerprint scanners are definitely useful. There are all kinds of technologies that we are seeing, and a lot of innovation in this space. We’re working with these technologies, and they are all very interesting," said Jon White, Visa’s Head of Marketing, Mobile Strategic Alliances. For the time being at least, it seems any such system would still need to be linked to a mobile device, and Visa’s current challenge is separating mobile device access authentication systems from the payment credentials — were someone to infiltrate one system through biometric readings, Visa want to ensure your bank balance would not be compromised. "It’s a different consideration between drawing a squiggle to unlock a phone or putting in a four-digit password to access my mobile to what’s required to access my bank account," continued White. "Secure management of payment credentials are the priority. I think there will be moves to form partnerships in this space though. That will continue, and we will pursue these technologies, but we need these multiple layers of encryption to preserve customer trust and integrity." Consumer attitudes also need to be considered — "Do users really want […]

NFC-Enabled Multi-Function Payment Card Debuts In Sri Lanka

Home / MAIN IMAGE / NFC-enabled multi-function payment card debuts in Sri Lanka Groundbreaking initiative spearheaded by HNB with Visa, Airtel and market leader in NFC-enabled payment card technologies Sony Felica  By Shabiya Ali Ahlam Sri Lanka yesterday saw the debut of its first-ever Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled multifunction payment card via a groundbreaking initiative by HNB with Visa, Airtel and two other leading partners. Branded HNB One, and approved by the Central Bank, the product is a Visa Debit Card upgraded to have a prepaid component. As the unique feature makes it a ‘combo’ card, the objective of HNB One is to facilitate speed in transactions. While the debit card feature will function in the regular manner, the NFC-enabled prepaid component will allow transactions to be simple and quick with its ‘tap and go’ functionality. The multiple applications include toll payments in the transport industry, drive-through areas of fast food outlets and fuel stations, to name a few. Aimed at enhancing customer convenience, the solution is powered by Sony Felica, the market leader in NFC-enabled payment card technologies, and Smart Metro, which is providing the NFC-enabled terminals. The solution was unveiled to the media yesterday at a conference attended by HNB Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Alles, Bharti Airtel Lanka CEO Suren Goonewardene and Smart Metro Director Chandana Wijesooriya. In addition to providing access to HNB savings and current accounts, customers can also access their prepaid account with HNB One, where fund transfers can be made between accounts through HNB’s extensive ATM and […]

MasterCard Certifies OTI’s ‘Wave’ NFC Device, Paving Way Toward Greater NFC Adoption Of Wallet-less World

MasterCard Certifies OTIs Wave NFC Device, Paving Way Toward Greater NFC Adoption and a Wallet less World The Wave is the industry’s first audio jack plug-in NFC payment solution and the only to receive certification from a major payment company like MasterCard. Based on OTI’s patented NFC technology, the compact Wave dongle is device agnostic, easily plugging into any smartphone, tablet or PC, allowing users to pay with their device while enjoying real-time benefits from loyalty programs and other incentives as delivered by the corresponding application. It opens up a whole new world of mobile device applications, while alleviating the burden of a wallet full of credit cards. “Receiving certification from MasterCard provides essential validation of our technology platform and opens up significant greenfield opportunities for our Wave solution,” commented Ofer Tziperman, OTI’s CEO. “We can now begin to target large-scale implementations with banking institutions and payment card providers, as well as projects involving public transportation, institutional memberships, and loyalty and rewards programs. “As the first major player in the payment industry to certify OTI’s Wave, MasterCard provides validation of our NFC solution — now the payment industry’s only certified NFC audio-jack add-on solution. We expect other major payment companies to follow suit and provide certification in the near future. “With NFC-enabled applications expected to grow at a 35% CAGR to $34.5 billion by 2016, it’s clear the payment industry is rapidly adopting NFC technology. NFC is becoming increasingly recognized as the fastest, most efficient, most versatile and secured […]