PlateSmart ALPR Helps Authorities Stop Domestic Terrorist

Terrorism, both domestic and international, has become the bane of modern life in the United States. Just last month, the think tank Center for Strategic & International Studies issued a brief saying that terrorism would become worse in the U.S. in the coming year. This past February, the New York Times reported that the threat of domestic terrorism has outpaced that of Islamic extremism. As such, it is a mistake to underestimate the dangers posed by homegrown terrorists.

Attendees at Delta’s Vehicle Access Equipment Demonstration Ask for More Cities

Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, announced that, on March 5, over 100 security professionals, integrators, and contractors came together at Delta’s Palmdale home office and manufacturing plant to view anti-terrorism barriers, bollards, crash-rated gates, and other equipment, including new products.

NZ Terrorism Surveillance Laws Complete Second Reading

Terrorism surveillance laws in New Zealand have completed their second reading and are set to pass into law later tonight under Urgency rules. This may be a tiny island nation in the South Pacific, but New Zealand could be a bell weather item for other countries to adopt similar laws dealing with video surveillance capabilities.

On the Anniversary of 9/11, NYC Looks at New Threats Complicating Terror Fighting

On the eve of the anniversary of the terror attacks by Al Qaeda that left so many Americans in despair and confusion, there are additional terror threats being pursued by the president, the NYPD commissioner and other security professionals working for New York’s safety. Ironically, some of those threats almost make 9/11 seem like a simpler time, from a law enforcement perspective.

What Exactly Does ‘Safe Cities’ Mean?

Also known as smart cities and closely linked to the ‘internet of things’, the safe cities concept is broad and nebulous – IFSEC asked a range of security experts what it means to them. The CCTV expert: Simon Adcock, CCTV section chairman, BSIA; MD, Atec Security – – Cities are dynamic, complex environments and securing their prosperity through protecting population, assets and reputation is a major challenge.

PG&E Substation in San Jose That Suffered a Sniper Attack Has a New Security Breach

The same PG&E electricity substation hit by gunfire in 2013 has endured a fresh security breach, despite a wide-ranging upgrade of the facility’s security systems, the utility reported Wednesday. Unknown individuals stole construction materials from the Metcalf substation in San Jose early Wednesday morning, PG&E said. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office and the utility are investigating the incident.

Editorial: Recent Middle East Developments Mean Increased Security Concerns For U.S.

The article title More Westerners join ISIS following the group’s successes in Iraq linked here indicates that over 100 terrorists that we know of have United States Passports, making it safe to assume that there are plenty more we don’t know about. This is why I have been predicting that there will be an increase […]

De Blasio Administration Orders Security Overhaul After Brooklyn Bridge Flags Incident

[Follow-up to earlier story: HERE ] – A security overhaul at key terror targets in New York City has been ordered by the de Blasio administration after vandals breached the security at the Brooklyn Bridge earlier this week to replace American Flags that sit at the top. There is already a massive increase in security […]

Forecast: Future Of Airport And Marine Port Security Market

In recent years, the market for airport and marine port security has witnessed rapid growth due to high growth in international travel and trade and in increase in threats from global terrorism. Security concerns have also increased in recent years as airports and seaports have come under the radar of terrorist threats. In 2013, the […]

Axis For Best Picture: LAPD Selects Axis Network Cameras To Secure Red Carpet At The 2014 Academy Awards

The Los Angeles Police Department used HDTV and Axis network PTZ cameras on a wireless mesh network to provide situational awareness at the red carpet outside Dolby Theatre for the 86th Academy Awards. Axis Communications, the global leader in network video surveillance, announced the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) selected a mix of HDTV-quality pan/tilt/zoom […]

Boston Bombings Will Have Spillover Effect On Security At Popular Events In Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Homeland Security Council has received nearly $144 million in federal dollars to prevent terrorism and respond to disasters since 2003, a fraction of the money provided to states in the last decade. Still, the April 15 attack at the Boston Marathon exposed how difficult it is to prepare for violence at an open event. Two brothers are accused of planting pressure-cooker bombs in backpacks near the finish line, killing three people and injuring more than 200 people with a pair of explosions. Law enforcement and emergency planners in Wisconsin, who say there’s a fine line between providing security and causing a public panic, expect a heightened police presence and added security checks at popular local community events because of the Boston bombings. “This has got a lot of people thinking about different events, because who would have ever thought (a bombing) would happen at a marathon?” said Lori Hucek said, Kewaunee County’s emergency government director. Mark Kohl, department chairman of the homeland security and asset protection degree at Fox Valley Technical College in Grand Chute, said the best approach is extensive planning and training for professionals and the public. While none of that is new, it’s important to emphasize in the wake of the bombings, he said. “It’s a simple example, but if they see a backpack laying out in the open and it’s not attended, people should not take that for granted,” Kohl said. “They should notify police. That’s a good start.” Nearly every community in Wisconsin […]

U.S. Demand For ISR Technology Shifting From Military To Counter-Terrorism And Analysts

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., 21 Jan. 2014. U.S. demand for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) video analytics solutions for processing and communicating full-motion video has increased significantly in the U.S., primarily for counter-terrorism, market analysts say. Necessary intelligence to fend off increasing terror attacks sustains the market and presents future commercial market opportunity, according to analysts at market researcher Frost & Sullivan in Mountain View, Calif. The report U.S. ISR Video Analytics from Frost & Sullivan says that despite reduced U.S. military ISR spending, that the need to provide actionable, real-time intelligence to U.S. troops on the ground is main driver for the market. The number of systems that gather video through sensors and platforms have grown from a few dozen systems a decade ago to thousands today, Frost & Sullivan analysts point out. The defense budget for ISR technology will reduce to $837.5 million in 2018 from $1.2 billion in 2012, as combat operations in Afghanistan cease over the next few years and forces are withdrawn. "The vast amount of video analytics equipment used in Iraq and Afghanistan to warn troops of impending threats and allow them to locate targets will soon return to the U.S.," says John Hernandez, Frost & Sullivan’s aerospace & defense senior industry analyst. "Converting these tools into useful assets that can protect the homeland will open up lucrative opportunities in the commercial sector." In fact, the importance of video surveillance, electro-optical/infrared technologies, and the exploitation of social media within the country is growing considering […]