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ThinkReps Expands New York Sales Team

ThinkReps announced that the company has expanded and added a new team member, Kenneth C. Kraemer to its roster. ThinkReps is a manufacturer’s representation firm based in New York and focused on enhancing the sales and market awareness of the best physical security solutions in the industry. The company is committed to providing top notch sales and support to its customer base and continues to raise the bar on sales management. ThinkReps was looking for a veteran security expert to add to the team and Kenneth fit the role perfectly.

A+ Technology & Security Hosts Exclusive Security Training Seminar

A+ Technology & Security Solutions announced that the company will be hosting an exclusive Security Training event Crisis In The Classroom on December 1, 2017 as part of a series of educational security preparedness seminars hosted at A + Technology’s headquarters located at 1490 North Clinton Avenue in Bay Shore, NY. The seminar is free of charge and offered to help prevent and respond to potential security threats at schools. With the growing number of active shooter incidents, violence and bullying in schools throughout the country; now is the time for school personnel to be proactive and prepared to diffuse any type of emergency situation as it occurs in real-time.

President Obama Seeks $75M for Police Body-Worn Cameras

Spurred by the Ferguson, Missouri shooting, President Barack Obama is calling for $75 million in federal spending to get 50,000 more police to wear body cameras that record their interactions with civilians. The package includes $75 million for to help pay for the small, lapel-mounted cameras to record police on the job, with state and local governments paying half the cost.

ISC East 2014 Presents New Mass Evacuation and Notification Sessions

ISC East, the largest security event in the Northeast United States, announced today a new addition to the educational program at this year’s conference: a three-session program called “Demystifying the Mass Evacuation and Notification Market.” The new program will be held Wednesday, Nov. 19 at New York’s Javits Center during the 2014 ISC East conference and is offered free to those interested in understanding the market demands and opportunities.

On the Anniversary of 9/11, NYC Looks at New Threats Complicating Terror Fighting

On the eve of the anniversary of the terror attacks by Al Qaeda that left so many Americans in despair and confusion, there are additional terror threats being pursued by the president, the NYPD commissioner and other security professionals working for New York’s safety. Ironically, some of those threats almost make 9/11 seem like a simpler time, from a law enforcement perspective.

NYPD Officers in Fresh Assault Claims: ‘They Were Taking Turns Like a Gang’

The New York police department is facing renewed questions over the conduct of its personnel after a man alleged he was viciously assaulted without provocation by a group of uniformed officers. Santiago Hernandez, 23, claims that he was kicked, punched, and zapped with pepper spray by up to six officers on 157th Street in the Bronx on 18 August. A video of his arrest captured by a nearby security camera and published by the local TV channel ABC 7 shows the police initially frisking him, then handcuffing him, and finally piling on top of Hernandez as he lay on the sidewalk while apparently hitting him with batons.

CaughtOnCamera: Terrifying Video Of The Manhattan Gas Leak Explosion

A new footage has emerged of the shocking explosion this week that killed eight people, injured dozens more and leveled two Manhattan buildings. Surveillance video released by the New York Fire Department shows the harrowing moment the Harlem blast blew out windows, showered debris onto the street and almost seriously injured a passerby. This must have been even more terrifying for the walker passing by! OMG, I don’t know if I would have had the same excellent reaction: stay calm and protect my head! Too bad there are no sound records! Can you imagine? Glass, breaking steal, and screams! An explosive mix!

Statue Of Liberty Upgrades To New State-of-the-Art Digital Video Surveillance System

Administrators, security and maintenance personnel can choose from a menu of training courses, seminars and webinars, face-to-face meetings at leading trade shows and professional K-12 conferences, funding help, new products designed specifically for K-12 applications and free security assessments. Allegion will be offering a variety of training courses, seminars and webinars to keep administrators abreast of technology and trends in school security. This year, Allegion is serving up two new options. K-12 administrators can choose from an instructor-led course “School Locking Hardware” offered in cities across the U.S. or the Power Hour Webinar Series covering a variety of thought leadership topics. Dates and topics are listed on the Allegion website. Through leading trade shows, education association support and professional events, Allegion education specialists are available for one-on-one discussions to share their expertise on lockdown, key system management and proven access control solutions. They will talk with administrators about their district’s specific goals and how to put a plan in place. Many of these trade shows and other scheduled events can be found on the Allegion website. In their search on how to pay for security and safety upgrades, Allegion can also help schools identify funding allocations, key decision makers who manage grants, provide insight into grant applications and recommend grant writing resources.  Allegion utilizes a 24/7 cloud-based database of federal and state grant funding information. Not only does this database provide access to all public and private grants for public and private schools but it additionally details who in […]

New York Tests Video Analytics For Foot Traffic

GCN LOGO Emerging Tech Blog archive New York tests video analytics for foot traffic Think of it as a benign Big Brother. New York City is testing a new application that analyzes video streams of the city’s streets to glean data about pedestrian traffic patterns. Data showing the flow of people can offer several advantages, say city planning officials, from helping small businesses scout new locations to enabling the sanitation department to anticipate demand for trash pick-ups.  "Our goal is to build a real-time data layer about what is happening in the physical world, where people are, by analyzing existing video feeds and using computer vision algorithms on them," said Alexandre Winter, CEO and founder of Placemeter, the company that is providing the pedestrian data to the city.  According to Lindsay Mollineaux, a quantitative analyst with the city’s Office of Data Analytics, "We had great city data on business conditions and demographics, but the one thing we really wanted were really granular, neighborhood pedestrian foot-traffic patterns." The city currently uses the pedestrian traffic data primarily to aid those interested in opening small business to determine the most promising location.  But there are many other potential applications.   "The Department of Sanitation has expressed interest in exploring further," said Nick O’Brien, chief of staff of the Office of Data Analytics.  "If they know there’s going to be more activity in an area they can be sure to get somebody out there to clear the trash bins so they don’t overflow." […]

Framed For Selling Crack, Surveillance Video Helps Him Sue Police

Busted for selling crack, a New York smoke shop owner used his surveillance system to prove he was set up by a police informant. Donald Andrews, the owner of the shop, says his lawyer will file a wrongful arrest suit against the city, seeking $500,000 from the police department, county and the village. Andrews opened up Dabb City Smoke Shop in Scotia, New York last January. By April he was arrested for selling crack cocaine. In one of his few media interviews since the arrest, Andrews told us about the set up. The Arrest A police informant, James Slater, visited the shop on March 25th and 29th and said on both occasions he bought crack from Andrews. He provided cell phone photos of crack rocks on the front counter of the shop. Around April 11, police raided the shop and arrested Andrews . From the very beginning Andrews asserted his innocence.“I kept telling them that I had video, and I could show them that never happened and that I wasn’t selling drugs. The cops said there was no need for that — that they had me on video, and they had audio. They said, ‘We don’t need to watch your video,’ but the confiscated my system anyway,” he said. He was in jail for five days before he made bail. When he got out, he contacted a lawyer. Grand Jury, Hearing Prosecutors Refuse to Return DVR At his grand jury hearing, he says he testified that he had video […]