Wireless mesh network

Axis For Best Picture: LAPD Selects Axis Network Cameras To Secure Red Carpet At The 2014 Academy Awards

The Los Angeles Police Department used HDTV and Axis network PTZ cameras on a wireless mesh network to provide situational awareness at the red carpet outside Dolby Theatre for the 86th Academy Awards. Axis Communications, the global leader in network video surveillance, announced the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) selected a mix of HDTV-quality pan/tilt/zoom […]

Firetide Wireless Mesh Network To Deliver Real-time Video Surveillance For Malaysia MRT In Kuala Lumpur

A few weeks back, we told you about Bands Banding Together, a project being undertaken at Welcome to 1979, the studio complex owned and operated by Chris Mara (who also records the Upstairs at United sessions; go enjoy some video from the Cults and Bobby Rush sessions that went live last week, including the best non-Beatles version of "Come Together" I’ve heard yet). If you recall, Bands Banding Together began with an open call for participants interested in doing a live-to-lathe recording — as in direct-to-vinyl, zero undo, don’t screw up the last song or you have to do the whole thing over recording — who could register through Feb. 15. The next phase is a Facebook poll to determine who will get to participate in the project, and the ’79 camp tells us that the poll is live now! Of the 10 finalists, the five who receive the most votes will be making a unique direct-to-disc LP later this year. There’s a decent range of styles among the finalists, and a fairly broad geographic spread; three are Nashville bands, and the rest are from all across the eastern half of the U.S. Your Finalists: – East Side Americana pickers Don Gallardo and How Far West – Music City pan-American punks Max and The Wild Things – Northampton, Mass., folk rocker Jamie Kent , who hits my ear like The Wallflowers – Philadelphia’s Toy Soldiers , a little less country than Promised Land Sound but in similar territory – […]

Super Bowl XLVIII Gets Super-Sized Security With Mobile Pro Systems And Fluidmesh

One of the finest features of this security program is that it’s instant; it uses radio frequency to talk to one another. No wiring is essential to connect each of the parts. Sensors for Apartments: By having an home security system installed to protect your residence consider installing motion sensors. There are two forms of detectors for sale in best home security system . The initial are motion detectors which are an excellent protection choice for apartments. The 2nd form of devices would be the PIR techniques. PIR stands for passive infrared detection. PIR program monitors any visitor’s existence. In addition they help identify all moves occurring in the apartment. PIR systems are instant and easy to install. What is the one oldest safety device? Well, it is very flexible. It can be carried on you all the time, it can be used to protect your individual physique, and it can be used to protect your house! It’s your fists! A method that causes a call for the homeowner or business owners cellular phone first. If theres no remedy it goes to the house telephone. If theres no remedy it visits law enforcement. Situations can turn life-threatening, even scarier. Our neighbors, who were my partners cousins, were murdered in a botched robbery, once I lived in another part of their state. The thieves assumed no body was home and that the house wouldbe a straightforward job. The 2 men broke in to the house one Saturday morning, and these […]

Seattle Latest City To Install DHS Surveillance Equipment

Seattle Latest City to Install DHS Surveillance Equipment Add Seattle to the list of local governments taking money from the Department of Homeland Security to put their citizens under federal surveillance. Seattle newspaper The Stranger reports : If you’re walking around downtown while looking at a smartphone, you will probably see at least one — and more likely two or three — Wi-Fi networks named after intersections: “4th&Seneca,” “4th&Union,” “4th&University,” and so on. That is how you can see the Seattle Police Department’s new wireless mesh network, bought from a California-based company called Aruba Networks, whose clients include the Department of Defense, school districts in Canada, oil-mining interests in China, and telecommunications companies in Saudi Arabia. Perhaps wiring the city with high-tech, federally funded surveillance equipment is what Seattle mayor meant when he described the city’s budget as “a moral document. It puts resources behind our vision of the city we want to see.” Apparently, part of those resources are coming from the federal government and they are earmarked for use to putting the city under the vision of the Department of Homeland Security. When pressed for details about his department’s new monitoring agreement with DHS, Seattle Police Department Detective Monty Moss said he “is not comfortable answering policy questions when we do not yet have a policy,” as reported by The Stranger . The paper continues: But, Detective Moss added, the SPD “is actively collaborating with the mayor’s office, city council, law department, and the ACLU on a […]

New Leader Takes The Helm At Firetide

As end user demand for immediate, on-demand access to video surveillance feeds has grown in recent years, so too has the need for reliable video transmission solutions. Firetide, a Silicon Valley-based provider of wireless mesh networks, is one of the companies looking to meet that demand and has more than 10,000 customers in 40 countries around the world. Earlier this year, Firetide announced a change in its senior leadership naming John McCool as the company’s new president and CEO. Prior to joining Firetide, McCool, who has a background in electrical engineering, spent the past 17 years at Cisco. At one point, McCool was in charge of the company’s switching and data center products before moving into a global sales role responsible for wireless switching, routing and security products. “At that point, I saw a lot of things in the market that were extremely exciting around networking,” explained McCool. “This entire trend – the change of networking from kind of an indoor, IT-oriented technology to moving to be embedded in devices and the need for those devices to be outdoors – and I got very intrigued with what Firetide was doing in that space and thought it was an excellent place to drive innovation.” Just last week, the company launched its new HotPort 5020 wireless infrastructure node , which is designed to allow users to place more devices at a lower cost over a mesh network. “What we noticed for large, city-wide, neighborhood-wide deployments is that people love (the Firetide […]