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Airport Security Chief Upgrades Perimeter Protection Using AdvanceGuard

Perimeter surveillance is an essential aspect of any high-risk site’s operations, and Shannon Airport is no different. The airport’s security team have worked closely with Navtech Radar over the years to create a bespoke system that addresses the airport’s specific security challenges. Chief Security Officer John Francis believes that AdvanceGuard should become the dashboard for all air-side security operators, and here he tells Navtech Radar’s Security Segment Leader Simonas Mikuzis why.

Advancements in Airport Security with Video Surveillance

By Jay Jason Bartlett Airport security is a crucial aspect of air travel since it safeguards the safety and security of passengers, employees, and aircraft. In reaction to the rise in terrorism and other security threats, airports have implemented a number of security measures to fortify their defenses. One of the biggest advancements in airport […]

Surveon Maximize Airport Safety With Complete Solutions

With aircrafts, cargos, passengers, luggage and store operation in one huge area, airport operation is one of the most complex tasks. With so many people and things bustling around, security becomes the top priority for every section from check-in areas, passport control areas to runways in the airport. Surveon airport solutions help the administration bureau to deploy security at the highest level. The complete solutions include wide areas covering cameras with advanced video functions such as WDR, RAID NVR with large extended storage, and the best C/P value VMS with built-in 12 video analytics, keeping airport a safe environment.

Teleste Showcases Its Smart Solutions For Airports

Teleste Corporation will showcase its smart video surveillance and information management solution at Passenger Terminal Expo 2018. Teleste’s smart video surveillance and information management solution, the S-VMX, makes it possible to address security and operational challenges throughout the entire airport environment. The S-VMX offers airport operators a flexible and reliable option to build a future-proof security hub.

Maximum Protection For Airports Through Integrated System From Crisma Security And Videotec

Crisma Security, a company that specializes in designing security systems for highly critical sites, announces the integration of Navtech Radar with the ULISSE THERMAL RADICAL range of PTZ thermal cameras manufactured by Videotec, creator of professional video surveillance products. This combination of advanced technologies offers a unique and flexible solution for optimal management of large-scale critical infrastructures. The Navtech Radar is an innovative radar device that uses millimeter wave technology, creating a highly automated and reliable system to help protect against intrusion.

Standard for Airport Security Access Control Systems

Available at No Cost to U.S. Airport Operators is the recently produced document Standard for Airport Security Access Control Systems. DO-230D provides guidance on acquiring and designing airport security access control systems, testing and evaluating system performance, and operational requirements.

FaceFirst Expands Its Existing Facial Recognition Services in Panama Airport

FaceFirst facial recognition has provided the following benefits for Panamanian national security: Enabled the capture of multiple Interpol suspects; Enabled the ongoing tracking and captures of multiple regional and nationally wanted persons; Enabled the geo-fencing of authorized people throughout the facility. These capabilities are especially vital due to the increasingly high volume of traffic through Tocumen International Airport in Panama, reaching approximately 7.8 million people in 2013 alone and nearly doubling in size the last five years.

Drunk Man Sneaks Onto Plane In England; Doesn’t Recall How

Lee Jezard managed to get on a Lufthansa plane at Birmingham Airport. A 22-year-old man who breached layers of airport security before boarding an empty plane was too drunk to recall how he did it. Lee Jezard pleaded guilty to getting aboard a Lufthansa plane and evading security measures at Birmingham Airport by climbing through […]

Multi-Application Detection Equipment Expected To Address New Airport Security Threats

In its newest study on the market for explosives, weapons and contraband (EWC) detection equipment for airports, IHS found the market to be worth more than $740 million globally and to have a CAGR of 6% over the next four years. Due to new and evolving security threats to the aviation industry, in July 2014, […]

House Passes Bill To Improve Airport Security In Wake Of LAX Shooting

In the wake of November’s deadly shooting at Los Angeles International Airport, the House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a bill to tighten security at the nation’s airports. The measure, introduced by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-N.C.), is named in honor of Gerardo Hernandez, the Transportation Security Administration screener who was shot to death Nov. 1 […]

Biometric Identity Verification Is Coming To Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport

Biometrics assume certain human parts are unique; that the patterns of our fingerprints and irises vouch for who we are. Later this summer, screening at McCarran Airport will include an option using those measures “to speed travelers through airport security.” Called CLEAR, the service already operates at nine airports across the country, boasting more than […]

Global Port Security Management Market Drivers, Challenges & Trends 2018

Port security refers to the physical and cyber security implemented in airport and marine port premises. As airports and marine ports are the major hubs for transportation between countries and continents, the need for security in these premises is very important. The main reason for port security is because of the increase in terrorist attacks […]

Global Airport Security Market Assessment 2012-2019

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Airport Security Market Assessment Update" report to their offering. Growth of airport infrastructure throughout the world and a shift towards technological security solutions as opposed to human intensive practices will drive the opportunity in the Airport Security Market over the next 10 years. The research […]

Forecast: Future Of Airport And Marine Port Security Market

In recent years, the market for airport and marine port security has witnessed rapid growth due to high growth in international travel and trade and in increase in threats from global terrorism. Security concerns have also increased in recent years as airports and seaports have come under the radar of terrorist threats. In 2013, the […]

Tokyo Airport Security Loses Top-Secret Memo Before Obama Visit

Security codes for Tokyo’s main airport had to be changed just days before President Obama arrived, after an employee dropped a memo containing the top-secret details. The Skymark Airlines employee mislaid the list of every security code on the departure lobby floor of Haneda Airport, an official revealed. While the details were only missing for […]

Teen Stowaway Walked Right Through San Jose Airport Security Gap

Surveillance video at two airports shows how a 16-year-old boy managed to stow away in the wheel well of a flight from California to Hawaii — He simply climbed a fence without anyone stopping him, authorities told NBC News on Monday. The boy from Santa Clara, Calif., who is believed to have run away after […]

Phnom Penh International Airport Deployed Aimetis VMS Solution Source: Aimetis | Date: 12/23/2013 Related tags: Aimetis , airport management solution Summary Phnom Penh International Airport has deployed Aimetis Symphony video management and video analytics software, improving passenger and cargo security, while improving operational efficiency throughout their expanding infrastructure. Phnom Penh International Airport is the Kingdom ‘Capital City’s airport of Cambodia totaling over 20,000 square meters of passenger terminal space and 6,500 square meters of cargo capacity. With 2 million passengers annually, critical monitoring for passenger safety both in the terminal and in the cargo area will continue to become more demanding. Security professionals require improved monitoring tools to ensure their mandate of customer safety is achieved. Challenge With more than 2 million passengers traveling through 26,000 square meters of monitoring space, there has been a significant increase in the amount of monitoring required for passenger safety. The previous security system did not provide the necessary image quality, retention and flexibility needed for successful passenger monitoring, recording and alarm management. Solution “With the installation of Aimetis Symphony, we have improved our passenger and cargo monitoring, lengthened our video storage capabilities as well as customizing proactive video analytics. This has led to an overall strengthening of our security system and advancing our monitoring capabilities ,” Phnom Penh Airport Security Manager. Aimetis Symphony was the intelligent video management software of choice due to the analytic capabilities, the intuitive user interface and also it’s open system architecture. This allowed the Phnom Penh Airport the opportunity to customize the installation directly to their […]

L.A.’s Congressional Rep Waters Calls For Armed Police At Airports

Los Angeles — In the wake of last month’s deadly shooting at Los Angeles International Airport , a local congresswoman has called for improvements to airport security, including the permanent assignment of armed police officers near passenger screening checkpoints. Rep. Maxine Waters , D-Los Angeles, also urged law enforcement officials to allow airport police to have access to all airport security cameras. "I believe these recommendations will play a vital role in ensuring that all travelers and airport employees are safe in our nation’s airports," said Waters, whose district includes LAX. Waters made the request on Thursday in a letter sent to John Pistole , head of the Transportation Security Administration , which is responsible for screening passengers at the nation’s commercial airports. In the Nov. 1 shooting, a gunman armed with an assault-style rifle entered Terminal 3 and shot his way through the screening area before he was shot and captured near the boarding gates. A TSA agent was killed and two other TSA officials as well as a schoolteacher were wounded. Paul Anthony Ciancia , 23, has been charged with murder and attempted murder in the attack. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Airport Police Department removed armed officers from the checkpoints at LAX and added them to patrols, ending a policy that was put in place shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks. Critics of the decision, including former airport security officials, said the reassignment reduced the chances officers had of stopping the gunman. In addition, union […]

CaughtOnCamera: Security Guard Catches Baby

Security Guard Catches Baby in Most Harrowing Baby-Catching Footage You’ll See Today An idiotic father in Poland’s Katowice-Pyrzowice airport places his kid on a luggage counter. Because the child has a center of balance like a pendulum, he slowly begins to lean forward. The inevitable happens. And you notice the surveillance video is hosted on Live Leak, which means the falling baby’s story will only end with his brains splattered about.  But you weren’t counting on this hero—a security guard who jumps out of NOWHERE to snag the kid. It’s some Calvin Johnson-worthy stuff. The guy has hands . At the :22 second mark, you see the baby handed off to his mother. Who then, presumably, beat the father to death. Here are two more angles. The diving catch only gets more amazing the more you see it. (Thank you, omnipresent airport security cameras! ) [H/T: Guyism ]