Surveon Maximize Airport Safety With Complete Solutions

With aircrafts, cargos, passengers, luggage and store operation in one huge area, airport operation is one of the most complex tasks.

With so many people and things bustling around, security becomes the top priority for every section from check-in areas, passport control areas to runways in the airport. Surveon airport solutions help the administration bureau to deploy security at the highest level.

The complete solutions include wide areas covering cameras with advanced video functions such as WDR, RAID NVR with large extended storage, and the best C/P value VMS with built-in 12 video analytics, keeping airport a safe environment.

Built-in 12 Video Analytics with Best C/P Value

By performing the real-time analysis of the video stream, Surveon video analytics identify and initiate alerts for various user-defined events, offering effective monitoring, detections, alerts, and responses to events for airport applications.


Large Capacity NVR with Patent RAID Protection

To keep the surveillance at the highest level, the data protection of recorded video will be paid attention in such case. Built-in with RAID function, Surveon offers enterprise NVRs with extended storage to ensure 365+ days non-stop recording with high reliability.


Wide Areas Covering Camera with Advanced Video Functions


When it comes to airport surveillance, reliability and efficiency of the system should be taken into consideration on the planning. Under such circumstances, Surveon provides fisheye cameras with excellent megapixel image quality for 360° surveillance of the airport without any blind spots, eliminating the cost of installing extra cameras.

Based on different locations, Surveon cameras allow users to adjust the shooting angle with equipped 3-axis. Moreover, Surveon cameras with excellent WDR and low light function help to recognize crucial details for high-level security applications.

Surveon airport solutions have been successfully adopted by one of top 10 airports in the world. “Thanks to Surveon’s end to end megapixel solutions, we were able to raise the surveillance standard to meet the world-class level for airport facility.

The easy and flexible video management also allows us to perform monitoring on the go. It’s definitely an excellent choice for our bureau security.” said the security manager of the airport administration bureau.

Surveon Technology offers end-to-end network video surveillance solutions that showcase our expertise in professional camera design, RAID NVR, high-availability video storage, embedded firmware and video management software.

All Surveon products are designed in-house and manufactured on our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production site to ensure the highest quality for our partners.