Videotec-Campion Sales

Videotec announces the addition of Campion Sales, Inc. as a new Authorized Manufacturer’s Representative. The company will provide additional sales resources to the Videotec team in the Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas region. Campion Sales, Inc., headquartered in Coppell, TX, is well-positioned to support and grow sales activity with customers and partners throughout the TOLA region. The company is focused on representing leading vendors in the audio/visual, data communications, and security industries.

Videotec and Sony: Integrated Technology for Top-performing Surveillance

Videotec has announced that the new ULISSE EVO PTZ range will integrate the high-sensitivity SONY FCB-EV7520 camera. This camera will provide a new level of high performance and exceptional image quality for the external surveillance of airports, critical infrastructures, and traffic. The powerful image stabilisation algorithm means even the smallest camera vibrations are detected and any blur in the footage is dynamically corrected. This results in a sharp image of the scene being surveilled.

NTX: Videotec’s New IP68 Stainless Steel Thermal Camera with Radiometric Functions

Videotec presents NTX, the new IP68 stainless steel thermal camera, developed to provide an efficient and preventative surveillance system in the most critical environmental conditions. The NTX thermal camera offers temperature detection based on the 4 central pixels of the image, and with the advanced version, the temperature of a specific object can be measured at any point in the image by means of defining a specific area.

Videotec’s DELUX Technology Is Now Available In Cameras For The Marine And Oil & Gas Sectors.

Videotec has extended the range of cameras that include the new DELUX imaging and encoding technology. It can now be found in models designed for surveillance in the Marine and Oil & Gas sectors, and significantly improves the day and night vision and competitiveness of these products. After recently being integrated into the ULISSE COMPACT PTZ, DELUX technology is now available across the IP, PTZ and fixed cameras of the ex-proof and Marine lines, namely the MAXIMUS MPX, MVX AND NXPTZ.

Amazing New Video From Videotec

This is the message of the stunning new video produced by Videotec. The Italian manufacturer is sending a strong message to all players across the Industrial, Oil and Gas, and Marine markets: thanks to the most complete range of products in the world, Videotec is able to cover any kind of video surveillance requirement in every challenging and hazardous environment imaginable.

Maximum Protection For Airports Through Integrated System From Crisma Security And Videotec

Crisma Security, a company that specializes in designing security systems for highly critical sites, announces the integration of Navtech Radar with the ULISSE THERMAL RADICAL range of PTZ thermal cameras manufactured by Videotec, creator of professional video surveillance products. This combination of advanced technologies offers a unique and flexible solution for optimal management of large-scale critical infrastructures. The Navtech Radar is an innovative radar device that uses millimeter wave technology, creating a highly automated and reliable system to help protect against intrusion.

SightLogix SightTracker Automatically Steers Videotec IP PTZ Cameras

SightLogix, Inc., the leading smart thermal camera manufacturer for perimeter intrusion detection applications, announces the integration of their SightTracker® PTZ controller with Videotec’s ULISSE Compact HD PTZ. The combined solution gives users an accurate and cost-effective security solution for detecting, tracking and assessing intrusions in the outdoors. With this integration, SightTracker has been enhanced from supporting Videotec analog cameras to also control Videotec IP-based Compact HD PTZ cameras, using ONVIF profile S

Videotec Launches New Weatherproof IP-Camera Housing

Recently launched in North America at Milestone’s MIPS conference, Videotec released a housing enclosure for IP-cameras for installation in aggressive environments. To better understand the usage of such an enclosure, there are biologists who are engaged in managing activities aimed at protecting and conserving precious marine resources. They are constantly studying solutions that will ensure environmental protection by halting the gradual deterioration of the coral reefs. In order to instantly be able to identify any problems with, or changes in, the balance of the marine biosphere, it has proved crucial to constantly monitor the seabed. To this end, Okinawa experts have recently installed a mobile underwater filming system. It is a system that uses cameras protected by Videotec’s specialist NXM housing.