Videotec Launches New Weatherproof IP-Camera Housing

Recently launched in North America at Milestone’s MIPS conference, Videotec released a housing enclosure for IP-cameras for installation in aggressive environments. To better understand the usage of such an enclosure, there are biologists who are engaged in managing activities aimed at protecting and conserving precious marine resources. They are constantly studying solutions that will ensure environmental protection by halting the gradual deterioration of the coral reefs. In order to instantly be able to identify any problems with, or changes in, the balance of the marine biosphere, it has proved crucial to constantly monitor the seabed. To this end, Okinawa experts have recently installed a mobile underwater filming system. It is a system that uses cameras protected by Videotec’s specialist NXM housing.

NYCHA Screwed Up Application, Missed Out on Federal Funds for Security Cameras

NYCHA lost out on funding for more security cameras at housing developments because the application was bungled. NYCHA lost out on hundreds of thousands of federal dollars for security cameras because it bungled filling out the proper paperwork, the NY Daily News has learned. Early this year, the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department offered $3 million in “emergency safety and security grants” to housing authorities. More than 330 agencies nationwide applied, but NYCHA officials sent in an application that “was not complete and did not meet the minimum threshold requirements,” according to a HUD document obtained by The News.

NYCHA Set to Make Upgrades, Improve Safety at Three Bronx Complexes With Nearly $4 Million State Grant

Throggs Neck Houses on track for upgrades and safety improvements with state aid. – Three NYCHA complexes in the Bronx will get nearly $4 million in state grants to bolster safety measures and upgrades, officials said. The money will be spread across the Sack Wern, Pelham Parkway, and Throggs Neck public housing developments, said state Sen. Jeff Klein, who helped secure the funds.

NY Mayor Rips Housing Authority Over Lack Of Cameras After Boy, 6, Fatally Stabbed

The lack of security video cameras in a public housing building where a boy was stabbed to death stemmed from an "unacceptable bureaucracy" at the city’s housing agency, Mayor Bill de Blasio said. Police have said that the 6-year-old boy and a friend, a 7-year-old girl, were riding in an elevator in Brooklyn’s Boulevard Houses […]

Security Cameras Coming To Pelham (Bronx) Parkway Houses

These cameras could wipe the smile off bad guys’ faces. There’ll soon be several hundred security cameras installed to help improve safety at these two east Bronx city housing projectss After two years of waiting since the original city funding was approved, some 2,531 residents at the Pelham Parkway Houses will shortly be seeing 375 security camera installed there. Residents at the Throggs Neck Houses will see similar security cameras installed, thanks to almost $5 million in city funding obtained by City Councilman Jimmy Vacca. Vacca, officials from the NYC Housing Authority and others inked the final paperwork on Friday, Feb. 28 to begin installation work after the two-year red tape funding wait. With a large populaton of senior citizens living in its 23 six-story buildings, the move for security cameras at the Pelham Parkway Houses, off Williamsbridge Road and Astor Avenue,was sparked by the murder of an 88-year-old grandmother two years ago. Vacca previously secured funding for security cameras now in place at two senior citizen NYCHA buildings in his district, at Middletown Plaza and Boston Road Plaza. “Cameras make developments, as well as the surrounding residential communities, safer,” he noted. “I put my money where my mouth is by getting city funding in place,” said Vacca. “Now, the finalization of the Pelham Parkway camera design means we are moving full steam ahead. I’ve told NYCHA very clearly we will accept no delay.” Pelham Parkway Houses Tenants Council President Donna Goodall said she hoped the cameras – both […]

HK Public Rental Housing Enjoys HD Security With Vivotek

17-02-2014 Cheung Hing Electronic Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd., a system integrator in Hong Kong working with Vivotek distributor Everbest Technologies, recently completed the implementation of a surveillance system for ensuring public rental housing security for Kai Tak Development, which is a huge and highly complex development project planned by the local government in Hong Kong. The customer, Kai Tak Development, requested a surveillance system that can be used to monitor the indoor and outdoor spaces of a new public rental housing community, including areas such as the entrance, the main door, aisles, stairs, exits and lifts. The system was expected to ensure residents’ security by acquiring comprehensive environmental information. Thus, effective surveillance of public areas is of paramount importance. A full range and high quality megapixel video surveillance system has been considered as the best solution. To achieve this goal, Cheung Hing Electronic Electrical Engineering installed a total of 368 Vivotek cameras from a variety of six models: eighty-two FD8136, forty-five IP8335H, one hundred and forty-three FD8335H, thirty-four SD8121, nine IP8152, and fifty-five VS8102. Features such as the mini size, P-iris, auto iris, vandal-proof properties, wide dynamic range, PTZ functions, and high resolution were the primary reasons that Cheung Hing Electronic Electrical Engineering selected these cameras. These features were vital for capturing images that can provide accurate and comprehensive information for identifying persons of interest and vehicle license plate numbers in outdoor and indoor spaces under various environmental conditions. All six of the models provide features that allow them to satisfy the end users’ […]

NYCHA On Track To Complete CCTV Installation At City Council-Funded Developments By End Of 2013

“Since my appointment as Chairman, we have taken decisive, proactive measures and have made cost-effective choices to ensure a long-term, sustainable approach to security, which has resulted in the installation of more than 5,000 closed-circuit television cameras at more than 500 buildings in the past four-and-a-half years alone,” said NYCHA Chairman John B. Rhea. “As we outlined in Plan NYCHA, all of these process improvements are a direct result of NYCHA’s commitment to making our developments safer and more secure for our residents and communities.” In 2009, NYCHA formed the Safety and Security Task Force, bringing together resident leaders, NYCHA management and the New York City Police Department, as well as other law enforcement stakeholders, to determine how best to utilize allocated funds, and find solutions to improve and strengthen NYCHA communities. The Task Force’s early findings suggested that NYCHA review and evaluate all new CCTV-related construction that had not yet been initiated. The effort led to a more comprehensive, standardized security model that would maximize the use of the City Council’s financial investment, while ensuring community support. The resulting Safety and Security Program included a universal platform for the selection and placement of security enhancements; and a comprehensive approach to security, known as layered access control, which includes modern intercoms and technologically advanced cameras. In 2010, NYCHA had $42 million to provide security enhancements for 85 designated developments. After presenting the new security system options to City Council Members, NYCHA sought and obtained buy-in for the use of […]