SightLogix Introduces AI Auto Zoning to Simplify Outdoor Security Installations

SightLogix has enhanced its thermal AI detection engine with AI Auto Zoning, another step towards a “Point and Protect” strategy that makes outdoor security easier to setup and manage. AI Auto Zoning simplifies the process for creating comprehensive intruder detection policies into a single click.

SightLogix Announces SightTracker PTZ – Smart A.I. People Tracker

SightLogix announces the SightTracker PTZ, a smart camera with Edge AI that automatically zooms and follows outdoor intruders with fast, on-target responsiveness. By embedding SightTracker™ software and AI classification analytics inside our high-performance PTZ, the camera automatically tracks targets without latency or the network delays inherent in other PTZ solutions, delivering unmatched situational awareness for […]

New Line of Thermal-Color Smart Cameras

SightSensor to introduce a compelling new line of thermal-color detection cameras, specifically designed for the mainstream perimeter security market. The SightSensor TC4 is a dual-imager smart camera that combines the power of thermal detection and visible color to detect targets with exceptional reliability over critical, industrial, and commercial perimeters.

SightLogix Smart Thermal Cameras Protect Aurora Cannabis Grow Sites

Aurora Cannabis has deployed SightLogix smart thermal intruder detection cameras to provide robust physical security over expansive grow operations. Aurora Cannabis has created a diverse portfolio in both the consumer and medical markets which has increased access to safe, high-quality cannabis worldwide. As Aurora’s grow facilities were developing, their need for reliable physical security over grow operations became paramount.

Michael Chaffee Joins SightLogix As Director of Sales, Western Region

Michael Chaffee has joined SightLogix as western region Director of Sales, where he will drive the growth of SightLogix’s smart thermal camera solutions throughout the western United States. Mr. Chaffee has twenty years of successful sales and leadership experience with high-end thermal perimeter systems, with expertise across a wide variety of applications and industries. Mike is a collaborative and solutions-oriented partner in bringing thermal analytic solutions.

Guy Pas Joins SightLogix as Regional Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa

Guy Pas has joined SightLogix as Regional Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to direct the sales of SightLogix’s smart thermal camera products throughout the region. Mr. Pas, who is based in the Netherlands, brings twenty-five years of sales leadership in the deployment of thermal systems in EMEA. His depth of experience bringing thermal analytic solutions to commercial and government customers will further SightLogix’s expansion of critical site security solutions.

SightLogix Announces Dual-Sensor Analytics for Superior Outdoor Intruder Detection

SightLogix introduces a breakthrough in outdoor security that analyzes detected targets from both thermal and visible sensors simultaneously for high detection accuracy and reduced false alarms. Dual Sensor Analytics (DSA) is a major step forward for making a smart video system into a reliable, 24-hour security solution. Two eyes are always better than one, especially when they can see different things.

SightLogix Introduces Dual-Video SightSensor TC

SightLogix introduced the SightSensor TC product line, which adds high-definition visible color to SightLogix’s longstanding reputation for outstanding thermal detection. The SightSensor TC uses an ideal outdoor intrusion sensor—thermal video—to detect targets with high accuracy in darkness, rain, and snow. An integrated HD visible imager provides color video assessment. Both thermal and color streams are viewable through a wide-range of third-party VMS systems.

Charlie Platipodis Joins SightLogix as VP Sales & Marketing

SightLogix announced that Charlie Platipodis, a security industry veteran with over 30 years of executive sales leadership, has joined the company as vice president of sales and marketing. Charlie is a well-known and highly respected sales executive with an extensive record of success. Most recently, he served as vice president of sales and vice president of national accounts for SecurityLink, where he helped grow the company to number two in North America.

SightLogix Smart Thermal Cameras Protect Water And Wastewater Facilities

SightLogix smart thermal cameras are being used to secure water utilities globally against unauthorized intrusions and potential sabotage. These sites select the SightLogix system for its ability to detect intruders over large outdoor areas with great accuracy and low costs, enabling the rapid, reliable, early-detection system that water utilities require. According to the US Department of Homeland Security, more than 75% of the US population receives drinking water or has sanitary sewerage treated by the wastewater system.

Ron Rothman Joins SightLogix Board Of Directors

Ron Rothman, a prominent industry veteran with a longstanding record of building and transforming security businesses, has joined SightLogix’s board of directors. Ron brings over thirty years of security leadership to SightLogix, rising from inside sales to president of the Honeywell Security Group & ADI Distribution, a global $3 Billion strategic business unit within Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions. Most recently, Ron served as senior vice president of sales and business development for AFA Protective Systems, Inc.

SightLogix Introducing Intuitive Setup For Simpler Perimeter Security

SightLogix announced WebConfig, an intuitive, browser-based interface for configuring SightSensor smart thermal cameras. The initial version of WebConfig supports SightSensor HD, the affordable thermal-visible detection camera announced last October. Future releases of WebConfig will support the entire SightLogix product line. Future releases of WebConfig will support the entire SightLogix product line.

SightLogix Protects Telecom Italia Mobile’s Data Center

SightLogix smart thermal cameras are providing data center physical security for Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) in Acilia Rome, Italy. CRISMA Security, a Rome-based security integrator and SightLogix certified partner, designed and implemented the smart data center physical security system. TIM’s data center boasts an international reputation as one of the most innovative and dependable facilities of its kind.

Mark D. Steele, Former NeoStrata CEO, New SightLogix Board Director

SightLogix, Inc., the technology leader for smart thermal cameras that protect outdoor areas, announces that Mark D. Steele has joined the Company’s Board of Directors. Steele joins a distinguished Board of industry leaders in their pursuit to deliver a new level of accurate outdoor security to protect critical assets and commercial businesses around the world. Steele is a 30-year veteran of the consumer products and management consulting industries.

SightLogix SightTracker Automatically Steers Videotec IP PTZ Cameras

SightLogix, Inc., the leading smart thermal camera manufacturer for perimeter intrusion detection applications, announces the integration of their SightTracker® PTZ controller with Videotec’s ULISSE Compact HD PTZ. The combined solution gives users an accurate and cost-effective security solution for detecting, tracking and assessing intrusions in the outdoors. With this integration, SightTracker has been enhanced from supporting Videotec analog cameras to also control Videotec IP-based Compact HD PTZ cameras, using ONVIF profile S

SightLogix Announces Strategic Partner Program With Axis

SightLogix, the technology leader for smart thermal camera systems, announced the launch of their new Strategic Partner Program at ASIS 2014. The premise of the partnership program is to leverage the superior intrusion detection of SightLogix SightSensor thermal cameras with established manufacturers and suppliers of video surveillance hardware and software. Axis Communications, the recognized global leader in network video, is the first to join this collaborative effort.

SightLogix Recruits Frank De Fina As Executive VP Of Sales And Marketing

SightLogix announced that Frank De Fina, a security industry veteran with over 30 years of leadership experience, has joined the company as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are thrilled to welcome Frank De Fina to SightLogix,” said John Romanowich, SightLogix President and CEO. “Frank’s extensive experience creating market-leading businesses is the perfect […]