John Romanowich

SightLogix Announces Dual-Sensor Analytics for Superior Outdoor Intruder Detection

SightLogix introduces a breakthrough in outdoor security that analyzes detected targets from both thermal and visible sensors simultaneously for high detection accuracy and reduced false alarms. Dual Sensor Analytics (DSA) is a major step forward for making a smart video system into a reliable, 24-hour security solution. Two eyes are always better than one, especially when they can see different things.

Outdoor Video Protection Services Made Easy Through SightLogix and CHeKT Partnership

CheKT and SightLogix have announced the integration between CHeKT’s video monitoring platform The Bridge and SightLogix’s SightSensor HD thermal detection cameras. With this partnership, users gain an easy-to-deploy, highly reliable detection solution for monitoring outdoor assets. The SightSensor HD is a dual-video smart thermal camera that detects intruders with great accuracy in the outdoors, using a thermal sensor for detection and visible color imager for alarm assessment.

SightLogix Introduces Dual-Video SightSensor TC

SightLogix introduced the SightSensor TC product line, which adds high-definition visible color to SightLogix’s longstanding reputation for outstanding thermal detection. The SightSensor TC uses an ideal outdoor intrusion sensor—thermal video—to detect targets with high accuracy in darkness, rain, and snow. An integrated HD visible imager provides color video assessment. Both thermal and color streams are viewable through a wide-range of third-party VMS systems.

Charlie Platipodis Joins SightLogix as VP Sales & Marketing

SightLogix announced that Charlie Platipodis, a security industry veteran with over 30 years of executive sales leadership, has joined the company as vice president of sales and marketing. Charlie is a well-known and highly respected sales executive with an extensive record of success. Most recently, he served as vice president of sales and vice president of national accounts for SecurityLink, where he helped grow the company to number two in North America.

Ron Rothman Joins SightLogix Board Of Directors

Ron Rothman, a prominent industry veteran with a longstanding record of building and transforming security businesses, has joined SightLogix’s board of directors. Ron brings over thirty years of security leadership to SightLogix, rising from inside sales to president of the Honeywell Security Group & ADI Distribution, a global $3 Billion strategic business unit within Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions. Most recently, Ron served as senior vice president of sales and business development for AFA Protective Systems, Inc.

SightLogix Introducing Intuitive Setup For Simpler Perimeter Security

SightLogix announced WebConfig, an intuitive, browser-based interface for configuring SightSensor smart thermal cameras. The initial version of WebConfig supports SightSensor HD, the affordable thermal-visible detection camera announced last October. Future releases of WebConfig will support the entire SightLogix product line. Future releases of WebConfig will support the entire SightLogix product line.