SightLogix Introduces Dual-Video SightSensor TC

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SightLogix introduced the SightSensor TC product line, which adds high-definition visible color to SightLogix’s longstanding reputation for outstanding thermal detection.

The SightSensor TC uses an ideal outdoor intrusion sensor—thermal video—to detect targets with high accuracy in darkness, rain, and snow. An integrated HD visible imager provides color video assessment.

With powerful onboard video processing, SightSensor TC analytics maximize the full dynamic range of the thermal imager to detect intruders with great accuracy, while also providing clear, high-contrast thermal video. Both thermal and color streams are viewable through a wide-range of third-party VMS systems.

“We understand our customers need excellent detection reliability and have an increasing desire for visible color assessment,” said John Romanowich, SightLogix president and CEO. “By introducing the SightSensor TC, we’ve responded with an integrated outdoor security solution for protecting our customers’ most important sites.”

Unlike other dual-imager security cameras, SightSensor TC’s thermal and visible imagers are optically aligned to create a rapid, real-time assessment tool. By placing a red alarm box on both thermal and visible streams, users get comprehensive details about the intrusion and can make a quick and informed response.

The SightSensor TC offers economic benefits as well. Long-range and wide-area detection means fewer cameras are needed to protect large outdoor areas. And combining two imagers in one device means one camera on the pole instead of two, with a single network drop, one mounting bracket, and simpler installation overall.

SightSensor TC is available in 320×240 or 640×480 thermal arrays, both with 1920×1080 full HD 1080p video.

SightSensor TC adds to a growing roster of SightSensor smart thermal camera solutions designed to protect outdoor sites with high reliability and low costs. Other products include:

  • SightSensor HD – Outstanding thermal detection with HD color for shorter-ranges
  • SightSensor NS – Outstanding thermal detection and high-clarity thermal video for critical perimeters and outdoor areas

SightTracker – Hands-free PTZ controller that automatically positions a PTZ to zoom onto and follow a detected target.

SightLogix makes smart thermal camera systems that protect some of the world’s most important sites, including assets in the energy, transportation, chemical, utility, communications, government and defense industries – as well as private, independent businesses around the world.


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