ReconaSense Debuts A.I.-Powered Physical Security Platform With Risk Adaptive Access Control


ReconaSense announced the latest release of its A.I. powered security platform for life safety and physical security, featuring risk adaptive access control and new IoT and building automation integrations that enable the secure flow of people, processes and information while keeping risks at bay.

Digital transformation has increased the volume, variety and velocity of physical security event data being collected and stored, increasing the complexity of potential security risk factors as well as the time and talent required to identify and manage them.

“ReconaSense with ReconAccess is the first intelligent access control solution that measures the real-time evolving risk of individuals, assets and environments while automatically adjusting access permissions and step-by-step processes to avert potential threats or disasters.”

ReconaSense features one-of a-kind, A.I.-powered Neural Networking technology that helps campuses, commercial enterprises, government organizations and critical infrastructure identify anomalous events and automate risk adjustments and responses in real time. Unlike legacy physical security systems, ReconaSense can do this on a mass scale while filtering-out irrelevant ‘noise’ and avoiding false positives.

A key component of the platform, ReconAccess is a risk-adaptive physical access control solution that adjusts permissions based on dynamic risk scores of personnel, assets, environments and facilities. Data is aggregated and evaluated based on acquired and saved knowledge, then compared to user-defined policies and procedures to determine what is permissible vs. what is not, and when and where to take action.

The solution runs on Mercury® hardware and integrates data from third-party systems, authentication solutions and building automation systems, enabling modern enterprises to proactively manage risk across countless dynamic and interacting components.

ReconaSense facilitates intelligent access as much as it controls it. The solution can direct people to temporary safe shelter in the event of a natural disaster like a hurricane (correlating weather data with building occupancy information) or activate the lights and HVAC system when someone enters a building during off-hours.

ReconaSense can also take preventive safety and security measures as in the case of a chemical spill, identifying the presence of dangerous air-borne toxins, closing off access to affected areas, and alerting operations teams to take emergency actions.

Pre-configured risk thresholds and relationships between personal attributes and facility resources help to facilitate a more automated, consistent and continuous approach to risk management, compliance, security enforcement, and business continuity.

A complete list of ReconaSense platform features includes:

  • AI-Assisted Risk Scoring – monitors and compares data inputs over time to identify pattern abnormalities in physical, logical or human behavior and proactively alert to potential risks; examples include open/closed doors, building temperature sensors, NOAA National Weather Service updates, etc.
  • Autonomous Guard Away – similar to an autopilot function, allows security teams to pass operations to one another as needed, or can automatically take over in emergency situations that require immediate response.
  • Intelligent On-boarding & Access Provisioning – replace cumbersome paper-based processes with automated workflows, enabling security owners to easily authorize and regulate access to restricted areas based on roles, responsibilities and requests.
  • “ORCA” (Operational Response Command Application) – enables mobile access to critical operational information and the ability to act on real-time risks and threats while on-the-go.
  • Web Services Integrations – provide the ability to integrate third-party APIs and pull information such as critical infrastructure data (nuclear facilities, airport operations, etc.) into Recon, the A.I. unification platform.
  • Open Systems Compliance – provides out of the box integration with Z-Wave for IoT devices and BACnet for building automation systems for enhanced security and life safety monitoring.

“In typical physical security systems, alerts are based on responses to breaches or events that have likely already taken place, putting lives and resources in harm’s way,” said John Carter, co-founder, president and CTO of ReconaSense.

“ReconaSense with ReconAccess is the first intelligent access control solution that measures the real-time evolving risk of individuals, assets and environments while automatically adjusting access permissions and step-by-step processes to avert potential threats or disasters.”

Following the webinar, ReconaSense will host the grand opening of its new Technology Center on Fifth Avenue in New York City, from 3-7pm ET. New York-area architects, engineers, system integrators, security consultants and facilities managers are invited to attend.

ReconaSense helps protect people, assets, buildings and cities with its next-gen access control and converged physical security intelligence platform. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), ReconaSense identifies and mitigates potential threats and attacks before they happen, giving security teams the ability to go beyond managing data and individual alerts to achieving true situational awareness and rapid response capabilities.