NTX: Videotec’s New IP68 Stainless Steel Thermal Camera with Radiometric Functions

Videotec presents NTX, the new IP68 stainless steel thermal camera, developed to provide an efficient and preventative surveillance system in the most critical environmental conditions. The NTX thermal camera offers temperature detection based on the 4 central pixels of the image, and with the advanced version, the temperature of a specific object can be measured at any point in the image by means of defining a specific area.

IP68 Rating Key To CamdenBoss Piezo Aluminium Keypads From Rapid Electronics

A keypad should not just protect entry to its application and environment; it should also be secure and highly resistant in itself. That is why a new range of piezo operated aluminium keypads from CamdenBoss, now available from Rapid Electronics, will be of interest to all those requiring a device to perform at the highest […]

Bosch MIC IP 7000 HD Family Goes IP Video Surveillance To Extremes

Bosch Security Systems, Inc. now offers the MIC family of ruggedized pan-tilt-zoom cameras for reliable surveillance in the most difficult outdoor locations and other challenging environments, combining high-quality HD imaging with an IP68/NEMA 6P-rated IP architecture. The new MIC IP 7000 HD family delivers the highest quality of IP video surveillance images everywhere, even in […]