Perth Airport Selects Aimetis Symphony VMS


Aimetis Symphony™ has been selected as the video management software (VMS) platform for Perth Airport, Australia. At 570 cameras, the airport security system is amongst the largest video surveillance installations in Australia.

Perth is one of Australia’s leading airports, handling over 13 million passengers each year. It employs over 8,000 staff across multiple sites and has a retail outlet with 120 tenant shops.

Aimetis Symphony™ has provided Perth airport with a single platform for new network IP-cameras and upgraded, existing analog cameras.

Re-using existing analog cameras within the same IP CCTV system represents a cost-saving opportunity.

The Aimetis Symphony™ system is also scalable, allowing new network cameras to be added easily, as required.

“The use of network video management software is a critical element of our airport security strategy,” said Fiona Lander, Executive General Manager of Perth Airport. “After extensive comparisons with leading VMS providers, Aimetis Symphony™ excelled in terms of reliability, quality and scalability, essential for such a large application. Aimetis Symphony™ has video analytics included and 20% of the cameras deployed run analytics for combinations of motion tracking, object classification, people and vehicle counting, virtual fence, restricted areas, left and removed object, wrong direction, loitering and dwell time.”

Perth Airport has 570 new and existing analog and IP-cameras.

The airport is undergoing a planned redevelopment and expansion program, so this number is expected to increase significantly.