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CaughtOnCamera: Security Guard Catches Baby

Security Guard Catches Baby in Most Harrowing Baby-Catching Footage You’ll See Today An idiotic father in Poland’s Katowice-Pyrzowice airport places his kid on a luggage counter. Because the child has a center of balance like a pendulum, he slowly begins to lean forward. The inevitable happens. And you notice the surveillance video is hosted on Live Leak, which means the falling baby’s story will only end with his brains splattered about.  But you weren’t counting on this hero—a security guard who jumps out of NOWHERE to snag the kid. It’s some Calvin Johnson-worthy stuff. The guy has hands . At the :22 second mark, you see the baby handed off to his mother. Who then, presumably, beat the father to death. Here are two more angles. The diving catch only gets more amazing the more you see it. (Thank you, omnipresent airport security cameras! ) [H/T: Guyism ]