Standard for Airport Security Access Control Systems


Available at No Cost to U.S. Airport Operators is the recently produced document Standard for Airport Security Access Control Systems.

Through special arrangement with RTCA and supported by AAAE, ACC, and ACI-NA – is pleased to provide the free distribution of this document to all U.S. commercial airports.

Standard for Airport Security Access Control Systems (DO-230D)

DO-230D provides guidance on acquiring and designing airport security access control systems, testing and evaluating system performance, and operational requirements.

It also incorporates the latest technological advances in security access control system and identity management.

The major areas covered include credentialing, biometrics, physical access control systems (PACS), perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), video surveillance systems, security operations centers (SOC), integration, communications infrastructure, and system acquisition considerations.

It is a useful reference document for various airport staff. (Note: The document was released earlier this year and notification about it was sent to members of the Public Safety & Security Committee in August.)

If you are an employee of a U.S. commercial airport and would like a free copy of DO-230D:

• Email your request to Karen Downing at karen.downing.
• Provide your name, title, airport, airport address, airport code, and telephone number.
• Karen will then email the document to you.

The document was prepared by RTCA Special Committee 224, which included representatives from industry, the TSA, and FAA.

A presentation summarizing DO-230D and the ongoing the work of Special Committee 224 is available at the Safe Skies link below.