Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh International Airport Deployed Aimetis VMS Solution Source: Aimetis | Date: 12/23/2013 Related tags: Aimetis , airport management solution Summary Phnom Penh International Airport has deployed Aimetis Symphony video management and video analytics software, improving passenger and cargo security, while improving operational efficiency throughout their expanding infrastructure. Phnom Penh International Airport is the Kingdom ‘Capital City’s airport of Cambodia totaling over 20,000 square meters of passenger terminal space and 6,500 square meters of cargo capacity. With 2 million passengers annually, critical monitoring for passenger safety both in the terminal and in the cargo area will continue to become more demanding. Security professionals require improved monitoring tools to ensure their mandate of customer safety is achieved. Challenge With more than 2 million passengers traveling through 26,000 square meters of monitoring space, there has been a significant increase in the amount of monitoring required for passenger safety. The previous security system did not provide the necessary image quality, retention and flexibility needed for successful passenger monitoring, recording and alarm management. Solution “With the installation of Aimetis Symphony, we have improved our passenger and cargo monitoring, lengthened our video storage capabilities as well as customizing proactive video analytics. This has led to an overall strengthening of our security system and advancing our monitoring capabilities ,” Phnom Penh Airport Security Manager. Aimetis Symphony was the intelligent video management software of choice due to the analytic capabilities, the intuitive user interface and also it’s open system architecture. This allowed the Phnom Penh Airport the opportunity to customize the installation directly to their […]