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Boston Bombings Will Have Spillover Effect On Security At Popular Events In Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Homeland Security Council has received nearly $144 million in federal dollars to prevent terrorism and respond to disasters since 2003, a fraction of the money provided to states in the last decade. Still, the April 15 attack at the Boston Marathon exposed how difficult it is to prepare for violence at an open event. Two brothers are accused of planting pressure-cooker bombs in backpacks near the finish line, killing three people and injuring more than 200 people with a pair of explosions. Law enforcement and emergency planners in Wisconsin, who say there’s a fine line between providing security and causing a public panic, expect a heightened police presence and added security checks at popular local community events because of the Boston bombings. “This has got a lot of people thinking about different events, because who would have ever thought (a bombing) would happen at a marathon?” said Lori Hucek said, Kewaunee County’s emergency government director. Mark Kohl, department chairman of the homeland security and asset protection degree at Fox Valley Technical College in Grand Chute, said the best approach is extensive planning and training for professionals and the public. While none of that is new, it’s important to emphasize in the wake of the bombings, he said. “It’s a simple example, but if they see a backpack laying out in the open and it’s not attended, people should not take that for granted,” Kohl said. “They should notify police. That’s a good start.” Nearly every community in Wisconsin […]