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Safe Cities: Why Video Matters in These Environments

Today’s growing cities are unfortunately considered soft targets, making them challenging to secure as they’re comprised of many different spaces, including sidewalks, parks, office buildings, streets, parking areas and much more. Additionally, numerous stakeholders, such as private business owners, public entities and law enforcement agencies, are often involved in the decision-making process for investments in technology to keep these areas safe.

Collaborative Approach To Moving Ideas, Data, and People

As you are reading this, the chances are pretty good that I’m on the road. Getting to meet new people, seeing their challenges, and helping to develop solutions is one of the best parts of my job. But, while this requires a lot of travel time, it has also afforded me the opportunity to see and know a wide variety of cities and their airports. In my experience, the best airports are those that have created a seamless collaboration between check-in, air-travel, and commerce. When travelers move easily through airport spaces, everyone benefits.

Safe Cities: Protecting Critical Infrastructure Installations With IP Surveillance

Network video offers excellent possibilities for the operator of an industrial plant (such as these cooling towers of nuclear power plant) to integrate security, safety, and production control in one system. A centralized system combines the supervision of all processes, video surveillance, intrusion protection and access control, and allows security staff to reliably detect, verify, and identify alarms – both from remote sites as well as from a central control room.

What Exactly Does ‘Safe Cities’ Mean?

Also known as smart cities and closely linked to the ‘internet of things’, the safe cities concept is broad and nebulous – IFSEC asked a range of security experts what it means to them. The CCTV expert: Simon Adcock, CCTV section chairman, BSIA; MD, Atec Security – – Cities are dynamic, complex environments and securing their prosperity through protecting population, assets and reputation is a major challenge.

Safe Cities: How Network Video Is Revolutionising Transport Safety And Efficiency

Decades ago, the transportation sector was one of the earliest adopters of CCTV surveillance – understandable given security’s crucial role in encouraging people to use public services. Transport authorities must keep their systems running with as few interruptions as possible, so they must know what’s happening at all times – whether at stations, on board […]

AGT International Forms Strategic Alliance with Cisco For Safe Cities

AGT International, a global leader in city solutions, and Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT, have formed a “Smart City Global Strategic Alliance” that will deliver the promise of the Internet through edge analytics and cloud technologies that dramatically change the way cities are managed and safeguarded. In a joint press release, the companies explained how the two companies will work together: “Built around AGT’s state-of-the-art urban management platform, the solution applies multiple sensing and analytical technologies such as video and acoustic analytics, social media engagement, license plate recognition, facial recognition, mobile crowd sourcing, mobile applications for city civil workers, smart waste and other sources. AGT’s city fusion platform, powered by Cisco Unified Computing System™ technology, uses big data analysis to reduce false alerts while increasing incident detection rates. Sharing a common platform, infrastructure and management allows agencies to be more efficient and cost-effective, especially when coping with decreasing budgets. These benefits can all be achieved in a decentralized city administration model, where agencies’ autonomy is maintained while sharing and reuse is maximized. Further Information AGT Press Release: AGT Videos AGT International Website

The Growth of Safe Cities

Crime rates tend to grow with the population, and today’s municipal crime comes in all forms – from petty theft to violent assault, arson and acts of terrorism. But when tasked with securing a sprawling modern metropolis – many of which are domicile to well over 1 million people – how should officials best leverage […]