Collaborative Approach To Moving Ideas, Data, and People

As you are reading this, the chances are pretty good that I’m on the road. Getting to meet new people, seeing their challenges, and helping to develop solutions is one of the best parts of my job. But, while this requires a lot of travel time, it has also afforded me the opportunity to see and know a wide variety of cities and their airports. In my experience, the best airports are those that have created a seamless collaboration between check-in, air-travel, and commerce. When travelers move easily through airport spaces, everyone benefits.

Biometrics Institute Proposes Biometric Trust Mark

The Biometrics Institute has unveiled its proposals for a ‘trust mark’ system to boost consumer and public confidence in systems using biometric technology. The Institute made its announcement at this week’s Biometrics 2014 conference in London. According to the Institute early support for the scheme has been received by a major US as well as several Australian government agencies – including Australia’s largest welfare provider.