Safe Cities: Protecting Critical Infrastructure Installations With IP Surveillance

Safe Cities: Protecting Critical Infrastructure Installations with IP Surveillance

Network video offers excellent possibilities for the operator of an industrial plant (such as these cooling towers of nuclear power plant) to integrate security, safety, and production control in one system. A centralized system combines the supervision of all processes, video surveillance, intrusion protection and access control, and allows security staff to reliably detect, verify, and identify alarms – both from remote sites as well as from a central control room.

When planning and designing for such a system, choosing the right network cameras and their locations is a good starting point, regardless of what other technologies are being used.

The protective measures need to be defined based on a risk and hazard analysis that also takes into account accuracy, affordability, maintenance, ease of customization, and integration of the security solution with other systems.

Breaking it down from the perimeter Using the energy and utilities sector as an example, It’s helpful to look at this from a macro to micro level perspective of a typical facility and break it down, starting with its perimeter, buildings, and process parts.

There are many different technologies available for perimeter protection to detect an intruder; microwave, fibre-fence sensors, seismic sensors, and radar alerts to name but a few.

When protecting especially high-risk infrastructure, network cameras can be successfully combined with these other technologies, combining them with the additional benefits of network cameras such as is information about who or what is trespassing and about the type of activity that is going on.

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