Editorial: Recent Middle East Developments Mean Increased Security Concerns For U.S.

The article title More Westerners join ISIS following the group’s successes in Iraq linked here indicates that over 100 terrorists that we know of have United States Passports, making it safe to assume that there are plenty more we don’t know about. This is why I have been predicting that there will be an increase […]

Video Evidence In Chop-Shop Case Challenged

Around the clock for more than four months, federal investigators watched the goings-on at a purported chop shop in central Toledo, Ohio, with a high-tech video camera that was mounted atop a telephone pole. Attorneys for Michael G. Wymer, the alleged leader of the operation, have asked U.S. District Judge James Carr to suppress the […]

FAA Approves First Unmanned Quadrotor Already Used By U.S. Military

The Instant Eye small unmanned aerial system received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to be used by an energy company, which will conduct research, development, and training to see if the system is practical for inspecting infrastructure such as pipelines, power lines, and insulators on towers. It is the first unmanned quadrotor to […]