Suprema Launches ‘BioEntry W2’ Fingerprint Access Control Device

Suprema, a global leader in biometrics and security technology, announced global launching of BioEntry W2, an outdoor fingerprint access control device that offers highest matching performance, outdoor durability and multi-card reading in a package to provide comprehensive access control features. BioEntry W2 well blends loads of industry-leading technologies and innovations. BioEntry W2 is loaded with class-leading 1.2GHz quad core CPU which achieves incredible matching speed up to 150,000 match/second. With its large 2GB memory, BioEntry W2 can store and manage up to 500,000 users and provides instant matching results with minimal lag time.

Zwipe Joins Allegion’s aptiQ Alliance Program

Zwipe, a global leader in biometric authentication technology, today announced that it has joined the aptiQ® Alliance Program, a collaborative group of global companies that support Allegion’s aptiQ smart card technology to create an ecosystem of open, highly secure solutions. Zwipe can now provide aptiQ customers with biometric authorization using their presently installed aptiQ card readers. aptiQ users will be able to authenticate themselves directly on the Zwipe biometric card without adding a biometric reader to existing aptiQ® multi-technology card reader systems.

IDEX Acquires Patents for Touch Fingerprint Sensors

Fingerprint sensor firm IDEX announced it has acquired a software algorithm and patents from Metadyne Software for US$4.5 million. IDEX said the acquisition will enable the company to deliver significantly improved security and user convenience for mass market fingerprint sensor solutions.

Atmel and Fingerprint Cards Enter Strategic Partnership for Biometric Fingerprint and Touchscreen Solutions

Atmel® Corporation, a global leader in microcontroller and touch technology solutions and Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC), a world leader in fingerprint verification solutions, announced the two companies are jointly bringing the world’s best capacitive touchscreens and touch fingerprint area sensor technology to smart devices. The joint integration accelerates an OEM’s time-to-market by bringing must-have high-performance security and user interface solutions from two leading providers.

4-Seconds of Body Cam Video Can Reveal a Biometric Fingerprint, Study Finds

Any camera will do, as long as it’s attached to your body. Researchers say they can have computers examine body camera video footage and accurately identify a person wearing a body-mounted device in about four seconds, according to a recently released paper. The authors of the study had their software look at biometric characteristics like height, stride length, and walking speed to find the identity of the person shooting the footage.

U.S. Court Rules That Phone Passcodes Are Protected by the 5th Amendment, but Fingerprints Aren’t

A Circuit Court judge in Virginia has ruled that fingerprints are not protected by the Fifth Amendment, a decision that has clear privacy implications for fingerprint-protected devices like newer iPhones and iPads. According to Judge Steven C. Fucci, while a criminal defendant can’t be compelled to hand over a passcode to police officers for the purpose of unlocking a cellular device, law enforcement officials can compel a defendant to give up a fingerprint.

Introducing on-Card Fingerprint Biometric Payments From MasterCard and Zwipe

Zwipe AS and MasterCard announced the launch of the world’s very first contactless payment card with embedded fingerprint biometrics. Combining on-device biometric authentication with the convenience of a contactless credit card, the new solution allows for a purchase of any amount to be made without the entry of a PIN, something that has never before been offered by a payment card.

Zwipe Biometric Card Holders Can Use Installed Proximity and Smart Card Readers

Among the enhancements to its biometric card, Zwipe announced that presently installed proximity card readers, as well as smart card readers, can now be used by organizations that want to add biometric authorization to their verification process without having to implement biometric readers.

Teen Wins $50,000 Grant to Build Biometric Gun Safety Sensor

A 17-year-old inventor in Boulder, CO, will receive a $50,000 grant to help develop a biometric sensor designed to prevent unauthorized people from firing guns. “I’ve been interested in technology for as long as I can remember,” Kai Kloepfer said.  “After the mass shooting in the movie theater in Aurora in 2012, I started thinking about the role technology could play in preventing accidents and death related to firearms. The idea actually came to me in a dream and I have been working since then to make it a reality.”

Morpho Presents World’s Fastest Contactless Fingerprint Scanner At Global Identity Summit

Morpho (Safran), today announced the commercial launch of Finger On the Fly®, the world’s fastest contactless four finger scanner. Using advanced imaging technology, this innovation simultaneously captures four fingerprints from a single wave of the hand. Finger On the Fly will be on display at the 2014 Global Identity Summit in Tampa, Florida from September […]

Understanding Nortech Access Control Integration With ievo

Whether you are currently using the Nortech system and require a security upgrade, or you are new to access control technology, ievo ® has been seamlessly integrated into Nortech’s innovative Norpass solution. ievo is the only biometric to be completely embedded into Norpass, boasting a simple transition between databases and ease of use. WHAT DOES […]

Venezuela To Introduce Biometric System For Food Purchases

Venezuelan President Maduro announced details of the new system on Friday (Prensa Presidencial) as basic, regulated food is being sold at black market prices, and gangs are smuggling food across the border to Colombia, the Venezuelan government has launched an offensive, and implemented a biometric system in shops across the country. President president, Nicolás Maduro, […]

Norwegian Law Firm Secured by Zwipe Biometric Card

Zwipe, which provides contactless smart cards with on-card fingerprint reading, announced that Simonsen VogtWiig, a well known law firm located in the middle of the financial district of Oslo, is deploying the Zwipe biometric card for managing access to doors and printers. The Zwipe biometric card quickly reads the user’s fingerprint in less than a […]

U.S. Department Of State To Adopt Biometric Identifiers Capture And Processing System

The Bureau of Diplomatic Security is seeking to adopt a new system which would allow it to electronically capture and process biometric identifiers to determine threats to the country, according to a report by Washington Technology. The department wants to use biometric enrollment data file plans to compare the data against other U.S. terrorist, intelligence […]

ievo Releases ‘Do It Yourself’ Biometric Access Control System

ievo recently released a new custom kit which allows its customers to enhance its biometric reader hardware for their unique applications. This allows users to effectively create their very own “do it yourself” biometric access control systems to suit the needs of specific projects. The custom kit gives ievo’s customers the ability to create a […]

Zwipe’s Biometric Card Uses Presently Installed Card Readers

Without needing to install any biometric readers, the Zwipe biometric card itself quickly reads the user’s fingerprint in less than a second. Eliminating the problems of solely deploying PINs and standard cards, the contactless Zwipe biometric card lets users authenticate themselves directly on the card through something they are, a fingerprint. Only then will the […]

Anviz Global Launches UltraMatch Iris Recognition System

Anviz Global announced the launch of a new biometric access control device that uses iris recognition to bolster security. The solution is called UltraMatch and it can scan user irises from distances between 18 and 25 centimeters, even in complete darkness. It features a dual-functioning algorithm that can extract employee biometrics and also match scanned […]

SmartMetric Biometric Solution For Credit Cards A Powerful Weapon In Protecting Consumers And Banks Alike

SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME ) — Credit and debit card fraud is starting to erode confidence in card providers, with many consumers using cards less often or abandoning them altogether after incidents, a global survey of 6,100 consumers by ACI Worldwide has reported. What seems to be changing quite rapidly is how consumers view fraud […]

iEvo Custom Biometric Readers With Lumidigm Multispectral Imaging Sensors

New custom kits let customers create the biometric reader specifically required for their application. At the 2014 IFSEC International Exposition to be held 17-19 June at the ExCeL in London, attendees will see how they can create personalised biometric access control units that suit their specific needs without altering the look or design of the […]