What to Expect at CES 2015: 4K Video, Broadwell Chips, and Smart Homes

For years, consumer technology has resided in two rooms: the office, and the living room. At CES 2015, expect it to colonize the rest of the home. That’s not to say that you won’t find traditional PCs and televisions this week in Las Vegas. But consumer firms have moved beyond those mature, traditional markets into mobile technology, wearables, and cars – and they keep moving. This year, the theme of the show may very well be the connected home, as smartphones and tablets take on a new role as control devices for the Internet of Things.

Wearable Tech Shakes Up Access Control

Marrying access control to wearable technology will vastly improve user experience while boosting security, says Brivo Labs. Brivo Labs was into wearable technology long before wearable technology was cool. "The lanyard with an access control card on it is a wearable, so we’ve been in it for years," said Lee Odess, general manager of the Bethesda, Md.-based company that has sold access control products for 15-plus years.

Mobile Security of Wearable Tech Data Called Into Question

A new report by ABI Research has revealed that wearables are rapidly increasingly in popularity. The wearable technology market is moving quite quickly throughout 2014, but despite its popularity, the use of these devices could be placing consumers at an ever rising risk of a mobile security breach. An ABI Research report claims that there will be 485 million shipments of wearables by 2018.