D-Link’s Latest Smart Home Hub Lets You Add Devices With a Scan

How cheap is too cheap? D-Link has found the sweet spot between low-priced, but low-quality smart home systems and pricey security systems. It’s now planning on opening up its system to many more accessories, judging by the DCH-G020 connected home hub that just passed through the FCC.

System Galaxy v.10.4 Access Control Platform Delivers Enhanced Versatility and Ease of Deployment

Galaxy Control Systems, a leading provider of integrated access control, video and security solutions, is highlighting myriad new features
available on the company’s popular
System Galaxy Software here at ASIS
2014. The new release, System Galaxy Software v.10.4, adds installation and user conveniences, as well as support for more third-party devices. Also on display is a new fully integrated TCP/IP appliance embedded with System Galaxy Software v.10.4.

Evolution Of Smart Homes: 64% Of Smart Devices Connected To Security Or Home Control

Is this the year of the smart home? If so, it looks like security and home control are two of the driving forces. According to a new research report by Parks Associates, about 64 percent of the smart devices currently in the home are part of security or home control systems. The report, Evolution of […]

LAX Extends Incident Management With NICE Situator Web App

NICE Systems and AECOM Technology Corporation announced that they are helping Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) extend its situation management capabilities from the control room to the field. The airport deployed the NICE Situator Enterprise Geographical Information System (EGIS) Web application, which enables field personnel to view on their tablets all open security and operational […]

Boon Edam And Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport Work To Put Passengers In Control

Garges-Lès-Gonesse, France – Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, one of the leading airports in France, has chosen to work with Boon Edam to offer their frequent flyer passengers a smoother transit through the airport. By installing Airport Swinglane self-service gates at security pre-screening, the airport ensures that a high level of security is maintained while shortening queues […]

Delta Scientific Showcase Counter-Terrorist Vehicle Control Systems At Delta Equipment Demonstration Event

Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, announced that on June 24-25 over 150 government officials, security professionals, integrators, and contractors came together at Delta’s Fredericksburg, VA, office to view anti-terrorism barriers, bollards, crash-rated gates, and other equipment including new products. Visiting an average three […]

Brazilian Airport To Use Biometric Border Control By August

Come August, travelers passing through São Paulo International Airport in Guarulhos (GRU Airport) that are over the age of 18 and have an electronic passport will be in full control of their in-terminal experience. This is thanks to the automated border control eGates being installed in terminals two and three at GRU, which will leverage […]

AMAG Technology’s Adam Shane Recognized For Outstanding Work On Access Control Council

AMAG Technology’s Senior Systems Design Architect, Adam Shane was selected as one of three Top Contributors for the Smart Card Alliance Access Control Council for 2013.  His leadership, time and input have contributed to the success of the council, and he was recognized at the Smart Card Alliance gala award dinner in Coral Gables, Florida on December 9, 2013.  Shane is one of the founding members of the council which was formed in 2005.  “The Smart Card Alliance has an honorable mission, to educate industry, users and government on appropriate uses of smart cards,” said Shane.  “The work we do on the Access Control Council is important as it provides a consolidated industry and government voice to standards making bodies and the federal government policy makers.  I am proud of our collective contributions and look forward to continuing the effort.”  The Smart Card Alliance Access Control Council (SCA ACC) is focused on accelerating the widespread acceptance, use, and application of smart card technology for physical and logical access control. The group brings together, in an open forum, leading users, technologists, suppliers and system integrators from both the public and private sector and works on activities that are important for secure access control.  The Smart Card Alliance is a not-for-profit, multi-industry association working to stimulate the understanding, adoption, use and widespread application of smart card technology. The Alliance invests heavily in education on the appropriate uses of smart card technology in a way that protects privacy and enhances security and […]

Stanley Security’s EL Series Wireless Access Control Solution

Stanley Security’s EL Series Wireless Access Control Solution Product Image Indianapolis, IN – (December 10, 2013) – STANLEY Security, a leading provider of access control and integrated security solutions, introduces the EL Series Wireless Access Control Solution to the STANLEY Commercial Hardware line, a web-based solution allowing the end-user to easily and effectively manage access for both interior and exterior door openings. The solution combines the EL Series Electronic Lock with STANLEY’s new Access Control Server (ACS) with pre-installed Intelli-M software, its new Integrated Door Controller (QIC) and wireless gateway for a complete access control solution for up to 32 doors. The new Integrated Door Controller is powered over Ethernet and provides perimeter control for the facility, while the Access Control Server allows for easy management of software with the pre-installed Intelli-M access management software. The Integrated Door Controller (QIC) also offers the following enhancements to the EL Series Electronic Lock: Compact single door controller mounts at the door in a double gang box for easy installation Uses existing network infrastructure and connects to closest network switch with single Cat 5/Cat 6 cable PoE carries both data and power for controller and peripheral door hardware Peer-to-peer communication keeps data flowing, even if a server connection is interrupted Buffers up to 16,000 local events when disconnected from the host, so events are never lost Secure transmissions with end-to-end AES 128-bit encryption Embedded web software for single-door standalone applications enables browsing through controller Supports DHCP and Static IP addresses Additionally, the Access Control Server (ACS) […]

Report: School Security Equipment Market To Surpass $720M By 2014

As the nation gets ready to mark the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting this week, IHS announced on Wednesday that it is forecasting strong growth in demand for security equipment in U.S. schools over the next several years. According to the research firm, the market size for security equipment in schools will reach $634 million this year and is expected to surpass $720 million by 2014. IHS said that high-profile shootings like Sandy Hook have a “partial impact” on school security spending as there is typically a spike in spending and budgets following these tragedies. “These events force schools to review their existing policies and create threat assessments as well as new policies and procedures. There is no set standard for what schools need to do to prevent these tragedies,” Blake Kozak, senior analyst for access control, fire and security at IHS said in a statement.  “Perhaps the key here is to have ongoing discussions and security reviews long after such events fade from media coverage. For example, continued knowledge sharing between school districts and universities to find best practices.” Funding remains one of the biggest barriers of growth when it comes to expanded use of security equipment in schools. IHS said that the U.S. Department of Justice awarded $45 million in Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grants this year to schools that planned security enhancements. Video surveillance is expected to be the focal point of school security spending in the years to come […]

TDSi’s EXgarde 4.2 Adds Full Integration With ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio Wireless Locking Technology

EXgarde (used for 4.2) (Custom) (2) By TDSi on December 11, 2013 TDSi, security solutions manufacturer, has launched the latest version of its access control software, EXgarde PRO 4.2, which incorporates full integration with ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio TM wireless locking technology. TDSi’s powerful EXgarde PRO software combines many elements of physical security in a centralised security portal, enabling the operator to monitor and control physical access whilst incorporating CCTV feeds and emergency alarm triggers. Additionally EXgarde 4.2 also allows an organisation to synchronise its employee database and IT security protocols, via integration with Microsoft Active Directory ® , with these physical security systems to ensure a fully integrated approach and complete visibility over the assets of the whole business. TDSi’s Managing Director, John Davies, commented, “EXgarde 4.2’s integration with Aperio TM offers a new level of remote lock functionality with a global leader in door opening solutions. Furthermore, TDSi is proud to be the first globally to integrate directly to Aperio’s new wireless IP hub. Using Aperio alongside TDSi’s core systems allows greater flexibility in remote areas where access control may be more difficult to implement. Working together, the two solutions offer highly precise site activity reporting, centralised alarm management, real-time event and alarm updates, and evacuation reporting – which is vital in the event of an emergency. EXgarde 4.2 and Aperio TM also offer an excellent time and attendance reporting solution and door monitoring (forced door and time open) facility that gives a highly accurate view of the […]

Axis Cameras Help Secure Korean Airport Customs Workload

Source: Axis Communications | Date: 11/14/2013 Related tags: AXIS , airport management solution , X-ray scanners , airline security management Mission Gimhae Customs, located in Gangseo-gu, Busan, has jurisdiction over Gimhae International Airport, the gateway to Korea’s southwestern area which handles an average of 75 airplanes, including Korean Air and Japan Airlines, carries 9500 passengers. Gimhae Customs imports repair parts, communication devices and marine engines, small quantities of urgently needed samples and advertising items, exporting agricultural and marine products. The nature of the air cargo needs to be handled efficiently and rapidly while blocking the inflow of illegal items. Separate reading rooms are used for each of the 4 X-ray scanners without surveillance cameras caused difficulty for workforce management, with no separate monitoring system, leading to frequent disputes about lost and damaged items. To resolve these problems and proactively respond to changes in environment of the airport, Gimhae Customs introduced a suitable monitoring system to enhance surveillance competency Solution Gimhae Customs wanted a solution to minimize civil complaints and enhance speed and accuracy of monitoring and tracking, Gimhae Airport surveillance system is using Axis P5534 and Axis P3304 for capability of smoothly interfacing for more unified operations while providing high-definition video surveillance for clear and intuitive monitoring. The International Arrival Hall’s special environment and low ceiling height, a camera with ability to monitor a wide area is required for each carousel. Axis partner Darwin System used high-definition network cameras and built an effective system capable of monitoring all processes […]

Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix And Mirasys Geospatial Mapping To Launch At FinnSec 2013

Tue, Nov 12, 2013 02:00 EST Mirasys Ltd., one of the leading suppliers of open platform Video Management Solutions, will launch the Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix and Mirasys Geospatial Mapping applications at the FinnSec 2013 fair. Designed for the need of large surveillance systems, Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix and Mirasys Geospatial Mapping make it vastly easier to design and run large scale security centers. Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix allows large scale video surveillance systems to use a multitude of monitors arranged in a synchronized matrix. The monitors managed via Mirasys operator console can be used to view thousands of static and dome cameras, camera tours, IP cameras, analog cameras, I/O devices and virtual cameras in an adaptable and user-friendly environment. Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for intelligent video surveillance of corporate networks, industrial processes, commercial centers, and multi-office environments – both locally as well as remotely. Mirasys Geospatial Mapping Mirasys has developed a new service to enhance and complement situational awareness systems such as maps in Mirasys VMS. This application allows for easy management of e.g. large-scale video surveillance systems with the help of multi-level maps and CAD pictures – also when the surveillance is done remotely. All administration is done within the system: coordinates and reference data relating to maintenance can be defined for all components of the surveillance system, monitors can be arranged, and layouts can be customized separately for each monitor. This makes their maintenance a lot […]

BIO-key To Integrate Biometric Platform Into AMD Security Solutions

bio-key logo November 12, 2013 –  BIO-key International  has announced that the company is working with AMD to ensure compatibility of its WEB-key biometric management platform with AMD’s upcoming security solutions. As a result of this work, the company says device manufacturers will be able to use the BIO-key algorithm to match fingerprints on compatible AMD devices, with or without a server, or in the network or cloud. Specifically, AMD customers will be using BIO-key’s scanner independent algorithm. “BIO-key is honored to be working with AMD toward this uniquely valuable TrustZone integration,” said Jim Sullivan, BIO-key’s VP of Strategy and Business Development said. “With this solution, OEMs will be insulated from the rapidly changing fingerprint scanner marketplace by having a single best-of-breed, interoperable platform to interface with. Online service providers and enterprises will benefit from a standardized, securely configured WEB-key client on their users’ devices, made available by device manufacturers or through the ARM TrustZone technology ecosystem. This will allow enhanced security for online transactions and BYOD security. Fingerprint scanner manufacturers benefit by being part of a secure cloud infrastructure allowing remote and cloud authentication, which significantly enhances the core value proposition of fingerprint authentication beyond unlocking the phone or other device. Our existing patents on securing biometric data and keys using Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) make this a natural evolution of our product strategy.” Tomorrow, November 13, 2013, BIO-key will present at the 2013 AMD Developer Summit with its presentation titled, “Leveraging fingerprint biometric authentication to streamline secure access.” […]

SALTO’s Access Control System Chosen To Protect St Paul’s College In Sydney

Published on 4 Oct, 2013 SALTO’s GEO RIM cylinders proved the ideal solution as it has been specially designed and developed for use with doors where normal escutcheons cannot be fitted GEO locks can be fully integrated with the full SALTO platform, and are a versatile, cost effective solution The customer St Paul’s College in Sydney, Australia, is an all-male Anglican residential college and affiliated with the University of Sydney. Founded in 1856, it is Australia’s oldest university college and has nearly 200 residents, of whom about 150 are undergraduates; with the remainder being graduates undertaking further study or holding university positions. The college has a substantial tutorial programme and uses the principle of peer tutoring, a development of the idea of ‘peer assisted study’. Nearly all tutors are students in college, and most of them are undergraduates, at most a year or two further advanced than their class. As a result university work is drawn to the centre of college life, and teaching and intellectual leadership is part of the mainstream conversation. The organisation of the tutorial system is largely in the hands of students, under the supervision of the Senior Tutor. Social networking is also used by the students to supplement teaching. Background The buildings at St Paul’s College date from the late 1850’s up through to those constructed in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1990’s. There had been many changes to the locking installations over the years meaning the college had ongoing problems with students loosing keys […]

Analyst View: CSC’s Acquisition Of ServiceMesh

John Madden Following the announcement of CSC’s acquisition of ServiceMesh,  John Madden, Practice Leader, IT Services at Ovum has the following initial comments: “CSC announced more than a year ago that it would reorganize and reinvest in strategic areas to spark additional growth, and the company has been true to its word. The vendor’s announced acquisition of ServiceMesh, a 140-person, privately funded cloud management and brokerage company, is CSC’s third deal in as many months – made possible by cost-cutting and shedding some business in order to build up resources and free cash. This deal augments CSC’s overall cloud initiatives, particularly in how it accelerates CSC’s own internal IP efforts around cloud orchestration and management. ServiceMesh, with its Agility Platform, allows enterprise and public sector clients to identify which workloads should be deployed and managed in either private or public cloud models, and provides a single management and brokerage layer for hybrid cloud environments.  The platform, which is used by customers such as Swisscom and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, also provides a single point for enterprise-wide access, control and governance of cloud services. With this deal, CSC will now have capabilities to address two key elements that must be addressed as the cloud services market continues to grow: the ability to size, deploy, scale and manage hybrid cloud environments, and the need for enterprises to have proper cloud governance within their organizations . ” —ENDS— NOTE TO EDITORS To arrange an interview or for further details regarding this […]

Opening New Doors: Smartphone Access Control

Smartphone Access Control Smartphone access control, as we identified in our previous blog on the access control industry , is set to create amazing new possibilities for secure entry systems. Smartphones are already being used to allow the remote monitoring and control of smart home security systems . If all goes to plan, we should soon see the retirement of those clunky access key cards and fobs that are always getting lost, left at home or worse; falling into the wrong hands. Instead, we’ll be able to get in and out securely, simply by waving our smartphone at the door or automated gate of our businesses and homes. The irreplaceable smartphone It’s amazing how quickly smartphones have become an essential part of most people’s lives. A quirky video study made by cyber security company Norton attempted to show the psychological importance of our phones and their contents. Members of the public were offered cash to throw their phone into a river. The expression on the individuals’ faces says it all. With the growth of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) , our personal smartphones are also increasingly being used not just for socialising with friends and family but for work purposes too. The upshot of all this of course, is that we very rarely leave our phones at home. I myself have a long-standing mantra I repeat every time I leave the house: “keys, wallet, phone”. Thanks to new smartphone access control technology, the days of there being three things on that […]

Vision-Box Deploys Biometric eGates At Lisbon International Airport

vision-box November 7, 2013 –  Vision-Box  has announced that it has set up biometric Automated Border Control eGates at the Lisbon International Airport. In particular, the gates that have been deployed are the company’s vb i-match 5, which can process the Portuguese ePassports as well as the Portuguese National Citizen Card and holders of diplomatic or special passports as part of recently implemented pilot projects for Brazilian and Angolan nationals. To verify the identity of users passing through the gates, vb i-match 5 uses biometrics, including iris, fingerprint and facial recognition. This particular gate design has been in production since 2007. “Today, as in 2007, Portugal continues in the forefront of automated border control and Vision-Box is delighted to continue to support SEF and have a positive impact in keeping Portuguese borders safe while at the same time providing a good passenger experience,” Miguel Leitmann, Senior Vice President of Vision-Box said. Reported previously , Vision-Box also recently deployed eGates at the Hamad International Airport in Qatar. Earlier this year, Vision-Box launched what it was calling a ‘ biometric periscope ,’ for long distance capture of face and iris in self-service eGates. The device is capable of capturing biometrics from a distance of 1 metre. Leave a Comment comments

Biometric Technology: Curbing Fraud In Banks

biometric Mukosha mulenga By MUKOSHA MULENGA BANKS and other financial institutions hold the key to one of our most treasured assets: our money. Most banks are now looking at using biometrics to protect against identity fraud and comply with government regulations. The use of biometric technology is becoming widely recognised in the banking industry as a viable means to prevent identity fraud, safeguard data, improve ease-of-use, and save money from lost or stolen passwords. When you consider that approximately 84 percent of bank fraud is committed by in-house staff, or that nearly 40 percent of all help desk calls are for forgotten passwords, it is no surprise that many banks are turning to biometric technology for increased security and convenience.  Banks therefore now have the challenge of integrating fingerprint functionality into existing in-house applications or their core banking applications. Banks can use solutions such as ) from M2SYS, for safeguarding enterprise data and reducing costs. EBS supports active directory, and can enable banks to secure login to their network and replace user names and passwords with something that you cannot share, lose, or forget: Your Fingerprint! With an ever-increasing number of security breaches, the pressure on banks to implement methods of password management, identity management, data and network security, and two factor authentication has never been stronger. The sharing or theft of user passwords still remains the most popular reason that corporate data is compromised. Biometrics solves this problem by allowing businesses and banks to implement a centralised biometric […]

The Future Of Electronic Access Control: Two Perspectives

As part of our continuing coverage of the future of access control, Ledger technical editor Jerry Levine asked both a representative from an electronic access control company and an experienced locksmith to share their perspectives on the future of electronic access control (EAC). Following are the Ledger’s questions and answers from Bruce Lindstrom, Northeast regional sales manager for Salto Systems, and Glenn Younger, co-owner of Grah Safe and Lock.   Q & A: Bruce Lindstrom What do you see as the future of electronic access control? Please discuss new products, credentials and software. Salto will continue to develop new locking devices to help reduce the number of mechanical keys required in a facility so that everyone uses their credential instead of metal keys. Salto has released a number of new products, which utilize a low- cost electronic cylinder for use in mortise and rim cylinders and electronic padlocks. Recent releases include a wireless cylinder, a rack server handle and an electronic cam lock. Electronic locks have been released for securing many smaller cabinets and lockers. For new credentials, the obvious pick here is the expansion of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology into the U.S. market. This Smartphone technology has been utilized in Europe and the Pacific Rim where Salto has been shipping NFC-capable locks for over half a dozen years. Here in the United States, it means your Smartphones with enabled NFC will replace credentials and credit cards. This is a technology shift. After all, who leaves home without […]