New Generation Video Management System From Mirasys: VMS V8

Mirasys Ltd., one of the leading suppliers of open platform video management and visual intelligence solutions, launches a new generation video management system: Mirasys VMS V8. The new V8 scales more than ever to different size environments, meets customers’ demanding versatile needs and offers several additional applications that improve the efficiency of customers’ daily operations. Mirasys V8 includes three different product variants: Ikon, Entegra, and Stratos. Entegra is already available in March, 2017 and the other two variants will be available in the autumn, 2017. Special attention has been paid to the efficient centralized maintenance and management demanded by the networked video management systems.

Mirasys VMS 7.2 Certified ImmerVision Enables Offers Full Compatibility With 360° Panomorph Cameras From Major Vendors

Mirasys Ltd., one of the leading suppliers of open platform Video Management and Visual Intelligence Solutions, announces that its new Mirasys 7.2 version is certified ImmerVision Enables, The 360° Video Standard. Mirasys customers can now benefit from 360° panomorph viewing functionalities for improved situational awareness and incidence response.

Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix And Mirasys Geospatial Mapping To Launch At FinnSec 2013

Tue, Nov 12, 2013 02:00 EST Mirasys Ltd., one of the leading suppliers of open platform Video Management Solutions, will launch the Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix and Mirasys Geospatial Mapping applications at the FinnSec 2013 fair. Designed for the need of large surveillance systems, Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix and Mirasys Geospatial Mapping make it vastly easier to design and run large scale security centers. Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix allows large scale video surveillance systems to use a multitude of monitors arranged in a synchronized matrix. The monitors managed via Mirasys operator console can be used to view thousands of static and dome cameras, camera tours, IP cameras, analog cameras, I/O devices and virtual cameras in an adaptable and user-friendly environment. Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for intelligent video surveillance of corporate networks, industrial processes, commercial centers, and multi-office environments – both locally as well as remotely. Mirasys Geospatial Mapping Mirasys has developed a new service to enhance and complement situational awareness systems such as maps in Mirasys VMS. This application allows for easy management of e.g. large-scale video surveillance systems with the help of multi-level maps and CAD pictures – also when the surveillance is done remotely. All administration is done within the system: coordinates and reference data relating to maintenance can be defined for all components of the surveillance system, monitors can be arranged, and layouts can be customized separately for each monitor. This makes their maintenance a lot […]

Broadberry And Mirasys Partner To Deliver Video Surveillance Solutions On Windows Storage Server 2012

Hi Folks – In this post, I’m examining how Broadberry (a Windows Storage Server partner) is working with Mirasys —a video surveillance solution provider—to leverage Windows Storage Server 2012 as the storage component of a complete video surveillance solution. This is a great workload for Windows Storage Server because it plays to several of its strengths, including its ease of deployment, ease of management, and cost-effectiveness when it comes to high-capacity, enterprise-class storage. I recently blogged about Broadberry , which has been selling Windows Storage Server solutions for as long as I can recall. Broadberry is reaching the video surveillance market by partnering with video surveillance solution providers, who package Windows Storage Server 2012 running on Broadberry servers together with cameras, video management software, and other components of a complete video surveillance solution. Mirasys, a leading provider of video management solutions for IP and analog camera surveillance, is one such Broadberry partner. Mirasys Carbon Video Management System (VMS) , the company’s flagship offering, is capable of supporting thousands of video recorders and hundreds of thousands of cameras. Components of a Mirasys Carbon solution often include: A Typical Deployment When a new hotel came to Mirasys for a future-proof, large-scale video management solution, Mirasys turned to Broadberry for the required application servers and storage servers. From a storage sizing perspective, the solution had to support more than five hundred high-resolution video cameras, with all video retained and readily accessible for 90 days—resulting in a required 500+ TB of total storage […]