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Kwikset Introduces UNITE, Company’s First Electronic Access Control Solution For Multifamily

Kwikset brand of Spectrum Brands, Inc. – Hardware & Home Improvement Division, introduces its first-ever electronic access control (EAC) solution to the Multifamily market. UNITE will give property managers and owners in the Multifamily sector a number of noteworthy benefits. Besides providing a more effective way to manage their properties, it will reduce key management time and costs while increasing profits.

As Access Control Ascends, Integrators Confront New Challenges

The global market for electronic access control will top $3.5 billion in 2014 —an increase of 7.6% over the previous year— driven by returning growth in the Americas and other emerging regions, according to IHS Technology. Despite its historically slow-paced evolution compared to other security industry disciplines, e.g. video surveillance, the electronic access control market […]

IMRON Launches Access Control System With New ACP Integration, Support For Biometrics

IMRON Corporation has just announced that its IS2000 access control platform now integrates with the company’s ACP open hardware platform. According to the company, the new IS2000 integration includes support for biometric templates and communicates natively on TCP/IP networks. In addition to the support for biometrics, the new system also includes provisions for elevator control, […]

The Future Of Electronic Access Control: Two Perspectives

As part of our continuing coverage of the future of access control, Ledger technical editor Jerry Levine asked both a representative from an electronic access control company and an experienced locksmith to share their perspectives on the future of electronic access control (EAC). Following are the Ledger’s questions and answers from Bruce Lindstrom, Northeast regional sales manager for Salto Systems, and Glenn Younger, co-owner of Grah Safe and Lock.   Q & A: Bruce Lindstrom What do you see as the future of electronic access control? Please discuss new products, credentials and software. Salto will continue to develop new locking devices to help reduce the number of mechanical keys required in a facility so that everyone uses their credential instead of metal keys. Salto has released a number of new products, which utilize a low- cost electronic cylinder for use in mortise and rim cylinders and electronic padlocks. Recent releases include a wireless cylinder, a rack server handle and an electronic cam lock. Electronic locks have been released for securing many smaller cabinets and lockers. For new credentials, the obvious pick here is the expansion of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology into the U.S. market. This Smartphone technology has been utilized in Europe and the Pacific Rim where Salto has been shipping NFC-capable locks for over half a dozen years. Here in the United States, it means your Smartphones with enabled NFC will replace credentials and credit cards. This is a technology shift. After all, who leaves home without […]

Access Control Sees Continued Push Towards Mobile Capabilities

Much of the buzz around access control in recent years has centered on the potential held by near field communications-enabled devices, which many people have pegged as the credential of the future. The reason for the excitement around NFC is well-founded as the majority of smartphones already have NFC functionality built into them. And while the viability of the technology has been proven in numerous case studies, widespread adoption has yet to take place. However, manufacturers are continuing to focus much of their efforts on developing products with mobility in mind. Innovation is also continuing to take place at the enterprise-level with advancements in access control management software. Just as video side of the industry has been focused on the migration to IP, access control companies are also looking into how they can make their products more interoperable with the network and with other security devices. There has also been steady demand for managed and hosted access solutions as organizations look to reduce their security infrastructure costs. SIW spoke with several industry experts at this week’s ASIS show in Chicago, to get their take on these and other trends that are currently taking place in the market. SIW: What do you feel are the biggest trends taking place in access control? Peter Boriskin, director of product management, electronic access control, Assa Abloy : The biggest game changer is mobile. We see mobile everywhere, from mobile devices for mobile guard stations to mobile credentials. Security officers are using the corporate […]