Brach Bengtzen

New Flexible Formatting Allows ProdataKey Access Control to Work with Any Card Credential Formats

ProdataKey now permits integrators to configure PDK access control systems to accept cards featuring any format, bit rate, and facility code. Using the interface, users with integrator-level permissions can configure system settings to work with cards from any manufacturer or define their own custom credential formats. They may also assign facility codes to individual users. This feature allows security system administrators to accommodate multiple card formats throughout their organization simultaneously.

ProdataKey’s New Wristband Credential for Active Lifestyles Combines Comfort with Convenience

ProdataKey now offers a unique wristband credential made of attractive, comfortable, and durable fabric. These stretchable, slip-on/slip-off wristbands are designed for users with an active lifestyle. They’re ideal for schools, community centers, gyms, public pools, and other locations where users may not want to carry a phone, wallet, or traditional card or fob. Both rugged and waterproof, they can be worn during any activity.

ProdataKey and Invictus Integration Creates an All-in-One Community Management and Security Ecosystem

ProdataKey and Invictus have joined forces to create an all-in-one mobile solution for multi-tenant properties. Residents, guests, and visitors can now interact with PDK access control readers throughout their buildings using the same Invictus mobile app that they use for community notifications, virtual concierge services, visitor video intercom communications, and other technology-aided lifestyle conveniences. PDK mobile credentials within the Invictus app will permit unlocking of building entrances and doors to common spaces, including parking garages, clubhouses, playrooms, fitness centers, pools, mailrooms, laundry, and other secure areas.

ProdataKey Brings Sophisticated Access Control to Data Display Systems’ LobbyTECH Solution

ProdataKey and Data Display Systems announced an integration that will enhance the functionality of Data Display’s LobbyTECH Entry Compliance System. LobbyTECH is a comprehensive hardware, software, and back-end system that simplifies and centralizes control of reception desk services, visitor management and badge printing, health and vaccine monitoring and compliance, in-facility monitoring and tracking, emergency notifications, and –thanks to its partnership with PDK– sophisticated access

ProdataKey’s New App Combines and PDK Touch Within a Single, Convenient Interface

ProdataKey released a new version of its ProdataKey App. This unique, all-inclusive app for Apple and Android combines the functionality of, the powerful mobile-first management interface for PDK access control systems, with mobile credentialing and remote access previously available only through PDK touch. The new app delivers convenience for anyone who administers a PDK access control system and utilizes it to move about their workplace by eliminating the need to navigate two distinct interfaces. All things “PDK” are now accessible in one place.

ProdataKey’s New Rugged Readers are Weatherproof and Vandal-proof

ProdataKey announced the release of its new “rugged” readers for use with 125 kHz cards and fobs. The new units, available in single-gang and mullion style, with or without keypads, improve upon PDK’s former “ruggedized” readers by combining exceptional weatherproof and vandal-proof specifications within the same model. The new rugged readers feature an IP68 weatherproof rating, making them fully waterproof and dust-tight, and an IK10 impact-resistance rating – the highest rating possible. These qualities make them ideal for building exteriors, gates, commercial areas, industrial sites, and construction yards. They are also a good choice for schools, given their resiliency against student vandalism. The readers can be used as part of any access control system.