SALTO Unveils JustIN: Mobile App Allows Your Smartphone to Serve as Your Hotel Room Key

The intuitive JustIN mobile key app developed by SALTO communicates securely via the Cloud and enables a hotel guest to receive his room key online, anytime, and anywhere. For the guest, the process is as simple as arriving at the hotel and deciding to receive the room key directly to his smartphone (iOS and Android devices) without going to hotel reception for the traditional check-in process.

Wristband Uses Encryption to Grant Access to Other Devices

A Kickstarter project aims to give you a Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled wristband that replaces keys and passwords. Everykey from the Cleveland, Ohio-based company of the same name, Everykey, is a fashionable band that can be instantly disabled if your Everykey ever gets lost or stolen. The Wristband uses encryption to grant access to other devices. When the Everykey wristband is within range of a user’s device, the wristband will allow the user to bypass that device’s password or physically unlock it automatically.

August Smart Lock Access Control Has Arrived

August, the technology company building products that make life simpler and more secure, announced that its flagship product —the August Smart Lock— is available for purchase nationwide in Apple stores and online at for $249.99. The August Smart Lock was first unveiled in May 2013 by its co-founders, renowned designer Yves Béhar and technology entrepreneur Jason Johnson.

Apple NFC Could Be Lightning Rod for Change in Access Control Industry

This is a Research Note from Blake Kozak, senior analyst for Security and Building Technologies at research firm IHS Inc. – For more than four years now, one of the most talked about trends has been field communication (NFC). NFC was supposed to change the face of the access control industry by eliminating the need for cards, subsequently reducing the administrative burden on organizations of all sizes all while increasing security. However this has not yet come to pass, with suppliers offering little more than pilot projects, with limited real-world installations.

Will Bluetooth Kill The NFC Chip?

Some call it a more secure, easier to work with communication protocol Near field communication has been an “emerging” technology for half a decade. During that time, it has jumped the initial hurdle being deployed in handsets worldwide. But there are still obstacles to conquer if NFC is to truly go mainstream. Some are tired […]