HID Elevates Textile Management Efficiency, Durability and Integration With New LinTRAK RAIN RFID UHF Tags

Three New Tags Combine Compactness and Resilience to Seamlessly Blend Into Linens and Uniforms Without Compromising Functionality

HID announced the release of three new models in the LinTRAK® RAIN® RFID ultra-high frequency (UHF) tag family, setting new standards for efficiency, durability and integration possibilities in the industry.


HID is a leader in trusted identity and RFID tracking solutions, with a solid foot in the linen management services market through a combined RFID and Cloud services offer. The company has extended its LinTRAK RAIN RFID UHF tags for linen management to include three new models that bring together the best of both worlds—compactness and resilience.


The LinTRAK C10S measures 10 mm x 52 mm and is 20% smaller than its predecessor, offering the best size/reading distance ratio in the industry.

The LinTRAK C15S measures 15 mm x 52 mm and features a unique advantage on the market: a 5 mm zone above the chip to ease the sewing process, specifically designed to respond to linen manufacturers’ requirements.

Finally, the LinTRAK C15SH measures just 15 mm x 46 mm and can be directly heat-sealed onto linen items. It is the smallest UHF heat-sealable washable RFID tag on the market.


Recognizing the diverse nature of linen types and attachment requirements, HID has engineered the new LinTRAK tags to be small and discreet, providing an even more unobtrusive option to seamlessly blend into linen items without compromising their robustness. Crafted to be ruggedized and durable, the new tags stand up to the most demanding environments, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

LinTRAK C10S and C15S are MR-conditional, making them suitable for use in medical environments. Patients with LinTRAK-tagged linen or gowns can safely undergo MRI scans, ensuring seamless health care procedures without any interference or compromise.


The HID LinTRAK portfolio includes six popular RAIN RFID UHF tags designed to identify, track and manage laundry and textile assets efficiently through their lifecycle in hospitality, health care and other commercial industries. Special features include OEKO-TEX Standard 100 level 1 certification, heat-sealing capability and usability in all types of magnetic resonance imaging systems.

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Source: hidglobal.com