VIVOTEK Expands After-Sales Service Capacity With Comprehensive Technical Support Network and Warranty Policy

Continuing its strong commitment to providing solutions and services that best meet the needs of its global customers, VIVOTEK is pleased to announce the expansion of its global after-sales service network and warranty policy on a superior range of its network cameras. VIVOTEK’s after-sales services include extensive technical support as well as product repair and replacement within the warranty period.

EIZO Broadens IP Camera Compatibility of DuraVision FDF2304W-IP Security and Surveillance Monitor With ONVIF Support

EIZO Corporation announced that the DuraVision FDF2304W-IP 23-inch IP monitor for security and surveillance will be updated to support the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF), a global standard for the interface of IP-based security products.

The DuraVision FDF2304W-IP features connection to multiple IP cameras via LAN cable for efficient video monitoring without the need for a PC. The monitor was launched in February of 2014 supporting compatibility with Panasonic brand cameras. With the update, ONVIF support broadens compatibility to extend to other major global camera makers including Axis, Bosch, Sony, and JVC. Expanding the range of cameras usable with the monitor increases flexibility of installation and ensures interoperability with more products for secure investment.

Securing Critical Infrastructure With AvaLAN’s FIPS140-2 Level 2 Certified Industrial Wireless Solutions

AvaLAN Wireless, a leader in long range industrial wireless Ethernet products, announced a new high power industrial wireless product with government certified FIPS140-2 Level 2 encryption technology. This new 1 Watt Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum wireless radio has industry leading encryption to meet the needs of industrial customers who are looking for new ways to securely connect their network devices.

Hands-on With Homeboy: This Could Be the Best Home Security Camera Yet

Is the Homeboy, interesting product name, a DropCam replacement. Here’s an excerpt from PCWorld’s take on this potential competitor to DropCam.[SL]

If you’re looking for an IP camera for home security, you’ll want to know about Homeboy. It remedies almost every drawback I’ve seen in security cameras. It doesn’t cost a fortune. And you’ll be able to buy one soon—without having to participate in a crowd-funding campaign.

If Homeboy looks familiar, it’s because it built on the intellectual property developed for the Hive camera that garnered a lot of attention about two years ago, but that was ultimately never brought to market.

Homeboy runs on a rechargeable battery, so you can put it virtually anywhere indoors (it’s not weatherized against the elements). It eliminates the expense associated with a monitoring service that can contact an emergency dispatcher, but it delivers some of the most important benefits a paid monitoring service provides. It can function as a stand-alone device, or you can integrate it into your home-control system to trigger other devices, such as a light switch.

PlateSmart’s ARES Software Wins 2014 Govies Award

PlateSmart Technologies announced that ARES, the Company’s software-only video analytics platform based on License Plate Recognition (LPR), is the recipient of a 2014 Govies Award in the category of Video Analytics. The award, highly coveted in the global security industry, was presented to PlateSmart by Security Products Magazine, a publication of 1105 Media. ARES, which […]

RFID Global Solution Founder And COO Tom Manzagol Wins 2014 Washington SmartCEO Executive Management Award

“Tom has been instrumental in setting the vision for the company, overseeing our largest enterprise programs, and playing a key leadership role while the firm has undergone rapid growth over the last few years,” said Diana Hage, CEO, RFID Global. RFID Global Solution’s founder and chief operating officer, Thomas Manzagol, is a winner of SmartCEO’s […]

Five Key Components Of A Business Alarm System

Installing a  business alarm system is still one the most effective ways to safeguard your establishment and prevent burglaries. Since windows and doors are main access points, securing these and other areas within your business is of critical importance. As business security technology has advanced, so has the number of different products and options available for business alarm systems. With the help of a business security expert, systems can be built to meet any level of security and budget. To help prepare you for a conversation with a business security provider, we’ve outlined some of the key components of a business alarm system. Door and Window Contacts Door and window contacts are often what people think of when they think of business security. These are switches that can be mounted to many different types of doors and windows. Each switch is held closed by a magnet. When the window or door is opened, it triggers the main alarm system. If the alarm is deactivated, this trigger sometimes registers as a beep or series of beeps or a mere blink on the main control pad. When the alarm is activated, this trigger sends the alarm into full response mode. Motion Sensors Motion sensors can installed as a secondary line of defense for businesses. As their names suggests, these types of sensors detect motion within a certain area. Some of the most advanced models use both microwave and passive infrared (PIR) beams; the former detects motion while the latter detects heat. […]