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Myfox to Unveil New Standard in Home Security at CES Show

Myfox, the European smart home security expert, today announced that it will unveil its new Myfox Security System at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) in Las Vegas. CES 2015 marks both the company’s US launch and the launch of a new standard in home security. The new Myfox Security System along with other new Myfox products will be introduced at CES. Unveiled on January 4 and showcased throughout the duration of CES 2015 at Sands Booth 71429.

TrakLok International Enhances Cargo Security Platform

TrakLok® International LLC, a cargo security firm specializing in trailer and container security, announced that it has upgraded its Application Programing Interface (API) to allow a seamless integration with security integration and call monitoring companies. The company has also added new security features to its GeoLok and TrakLog cargo security platform.

Residential Security – Something for Everyone

The residential security market will never be the same. In 2012, several MSOs (multiple-system operators) in the USA began offering home automation in conjunction with security which has altered the perception and demand from end-users. Prior to this paradigm shift, the use of a residential burglar alarm system was often a purchase to protect a property and in many cases, an ‘after the fact’ purchase as a result of a break in.

School Lockdown And More With One Push Of A Button

The superintendent of the Plainedge School District is confident in the effectiveness of a one-button lockdown system that will soon go live in the high school here. He should be. He helped develop it. Superintendent Edward Salina worked alongside Lee Mandel, owner of Long Island-based systems integrator and manufacturer IntraLogic Solutions, to create the add-on […]

Five Key Components Of A Business Alarm System

Installing a  business alarm system is still one the most effective ways to safeguard your establishment and prevent burglaries. Since windows and doors are main access points, securing these and other areas within your business is of critical importance. As business security technology has advanced, so has the number of different products and options available for business alarm systems. With the help of a business security expert, systems can be built to meet any level of security and budget. To help prepare you for a conversation with a business security provider, we’ve outlined some of the key components of a business alarm system. Door and Window Contacts Door and window contacts are often what people think of when they think of business security. These are switches that can be mounted to many different types of doors and windows. Each switch is held closed by a magnet. When the window or door is opened, it triggers the main alarm system. If the alarm is deactivated, this trigger sometimes registers as a beep or series of beeps or a mere blink on the main control pad. When the alarm is activated, this trigger sends the alarm into full response mode. Motion Sensors Motion sensors can installed as a secondary line of defense for businesses. As their names suggests, these types of sensors detect motion within a certain area. Some of the most advanced models use both microwave and passive infrared (PIR) beams; the former detects motion while the latter detects heat. […]