License Plate Readers Catch Serial Armed Robber

License plate readers catch serial armed robber

CONYERS, GA – He has been a thorn in the side of several Metro Atlanta police agencies for nearly two years getting away with armed robberies at title pawn stores.

But thanks to an alert Conyers Police Officer and new technology his reign of terror may be over.

Police said Avery Frazier, 47, of Douglasville, is responsible for more than 30 armed robberies, terrorizing employees, and customers.

One of the last robberies he is accused of committing happened at a Title Bucks store on Highway 138 in Conyers on October 30, 2014.

Police said the suspect walked into the store and demanded cash.

"Once he got the cash that he was after he told the victims which were employees and a customer to stay in the back room until he left," said Conyers Police Officer Kim Lucas.

Officer Lucas said the Conyers robbery was one of the suspects thanks to Conyers police Officer Spencer Holland and the License Plate Readers, or LPR’s that were on the back of his patrol car.

"Any tag that goes past these cameras it captures a picture of the vehicle and the tag itself," Officer Lucas said. Officer Holland was responding to the robbery at the Title Bucks when he saw a suspicious vehicle pass him. " Officer Holland recalled a previous lookout from another incident that happened in another jurisdiction of a black over tan SUV as being a suspect vehicle," Lucas said.

Holland went back to his LPR searching around the time he passed the vehicle. He came up with a picture of the vehicle he passed and its license tag. That led to the identification of the owner of the vehicle and the arrest of Frazier.

With the assistance of the FBI, Avery was found to be in the Douglasville area. His vehicle was spotted on November 5, 2014 by a Douglasville Police Officer and he was stopped and arrested.