ADT Unveils New Cloud Storage Solutions, Expands Video Surveillance Capabilities


The ADT Corporation ( ADT ), an electronic security provider, expanded its video surveillance portfolio by launching new cloud storage solutions, targeting the requirements of small business owners in the U.S. The extended video offerings will aid clients in keeping a tab on their most critical assets, with the flexibility to store video footage on-premise or in the cloud.

Moreover, the business owners will be able to scale their investment up or down over time, per their business needs.

Cloud Applications
ADT’s secure cloud video solutions will allow the users to track and manage daily business operations at multiple locations simultaneously. The solutions also offer event-triggered notifications with cloud-based videos that can be accessed through any Internet-connected device, including smartphones and tablets.

Along with multi-screen viewing capabilities to track employees, the solutions also allow greater control over inventory, sensitive business, and customer data.

Further, the cloud systems will enhance audit capabilities with motion-triggered video storage and alerts.

Its archived video playback feature will help in incident investigations.

Cloud Video & Storage Solutions ADT’s
Onsite Storage Solutions provide on-premise video storage for monitoring employee and customer interactions.

This feature can deter theft and other crimes, particularly in retail, and food and beverage businesses.

Clients can also set event-triggered activity alerts, wherein date and time-stamped video history may be accessed on their DVR devices at any time.

The clients can thus ensure that their employees are adhering to safety practices. The company’s interactive business solution ADT Pulse offers real-time video capabilities.


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