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NAPCO Security Technologies announces its StarLink Network Operations Center (NOC) is now SOC 2 Rated. In addition to its UL Listed Certifications, Napco’s StarLink NOC has undergone rigorous criteria to implement and meet SOC Policies & Trust Services Criteria for cybersecurity and data privacy protection, i.e., providing added security for all Napco’s Dealers’ Accounts.

The Company took these important steps, even as cyberattack breaches & huge ransomware demands are becoming more aggressive and prevalent in the US, and the world at large.

While numerous corporations, healthcare providers, local government, hospitals and more, have been victimized and had to pay millions to unlock their databases, confidential files and infrastructure access, today, service companies are increasingly held responsible for taking demonstrable measures to protect and secure their customers’ data and privacy. NAPCO has done so and taken these significant precautions, to protect both its dealers and their accounts’ privacy and liability exposure.

Located within its NY Headquarters, processing millions of StarLink signals, NAPCO’s NOC is triple-reinforced, climate- & power-controlled, and UL 864 10th Ed, UL 2610, UL 1635 Listed, as well as SOC 2.

In case of an emergency, it is also backed for a failover, by a Disaster Recovery NOC in Pennsylvania, for immediate, mirrored emergency switchover. In this way, unlike other manufacturers, All StarLink Signals remain within the US for rapid response in fire life-safety, when seconds saved, could mean lives. 

Thus, StarLink Fire Communications offers dealers a true UL End-to-End solution, starting from a UL 864 Listed StarLink Fire Communicator, going through its NY HQ’s UL 864 NOC to any UL Central Station a dealer chooses.

Additionally, StarLink Fire Communicators and the Napco NOC  won awards for cyber-security (CyberSecured New Product of Year) for Data Center Security & Remote Monitoring and Management.

NAPCO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technologically advanced electronic security equipment including intrusion and fire alarm systems, access control and door locking systems. The Company consists of NAPCO plus three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Alarm Lock, Continental Access, and Marks USA. visit:

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